July 17, 2017

Lazy Oaf sample sale haul ♡

Hello everyone! ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Last Saturday I went to a sample sale at Lazy Oaf, to look for some cute clothing, I've never been to a sample sale before so I didn't know what to expect! It was really crowded and things got taken pretty quickly, but I was lucky enough to find some super cute pieces that I'm writing about today~ 💕

Firstly, I got this 'Yes please' white skirt ~ It's produced for a Korean brand I believe? I'm not sure where this skirt was sold or marketed towards buts it's very well made & has pockets too^ω^●)ノ゙  I got this in a size small and I love how retro it looks, I'd describe this as a 'vintage diner' style ~

I really love this design- the colour palette works so well and this actually only cost me £2!

Next up I got this dreamy cloud top that says 'wish I wasn't here'! It's so cute and the colours work so well together ~this is also size small & features a higher neckline, I think this would look so cute with a jean skirt (。>ω< p

I also got this black and pink crop top that again seems fitting to the 'vintage diner' style aesthetic- It's a button up with a super retro feel to it, I love this! I also got this in a size small ^^

What makes this shirt even cooler is how it says 'bad luck' on the back - actually seems quite edgy lol! I'm not sure i'll wear this a lot but it is super cute... still a bit dark for my style but I don't want to let go of it just yet hehe ☆(#´-ω-`)b

Last but certainly not least, I got these watermelon bikini bottoms! I have always wanted a piece from the lazy oaf swimwear collection and this was one of my favourites! I'm sad that I couldn't get a matching top (like everything else this was the last one they had) but I'm sure I can match the colour! I love the ruffles way too much \(^◇^*)

So that's it for my sample sale haul! I will say that I got there about an hour earlier than the doors opened, was the first wave of people to go in so not bad- the queue was so long omg! Sample sales are great for finding good products though, I look foreword to blogging about more of them~ ^-^

Evie xoxo

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