March 14, 2022

Mama chapp dolls - what are they and where to find them!♡

 ♡ Good morning angels! 

For todays post, i wanted to talk about something a little different; dolls…! 

Mama chapp is a doll company I’ve admired for years, but only been able to purchase relatively recently when i found out about various shopping services that collaborate with Japanese auction sites. They’re notoriously hard to find since almost every doll release is limited, and only available in Japan from either the official website or conventions. Despite this, I've ended up with a little collection of their dolls, who i love so much, and wanted to share some tips to anyone else who wants to purchase one of these adorable dolls! ♡

Some of my favourite dolls in my collection…

What are mama chapp dolls?

‘Mama chapp toy’ is a doll line that first debuted in 2007. They are a series of adorable dolls that usually feature popular anime tropes, such as maids, seifuku, shrine maiden, catgirl, idol, etc. You’ll probably recognise this doll line if you collected anime goods in the early 2000s, especially this photo from wonder festival 2008! They can probably be closest compared (and often mistaken for!) azone dolls in regards to quality and appearance, but have a different manufacturer, body sculpts, face sculpts and overall look. 

they’re considered a collectors item, so the target audience is mainly adults. Mama chapp also collaborated with various anime and artists popular in the early 2000s, most notably lucky star!   

Moko-chan wearing Sweet Lolita 

What makes them worth collecting?

I think there’s no denying that mama chapp are just so, so adorable! They have adorable, wide eyes, round cute faces and high quality clothes/hair. In my opinion, they are superior to azone dolls as they are much more posable, and cuter. Additionally, they are a lot easier to carry with you due to being lighter, and more compact. The majority of mama chapp dolls are also original characters, meaning that you can customise them to be whoever you wish 

Three of my mama chapp’s original outfits! Gothic Lolita, kitsune shrine maiden and Sweet Lolita~

How much should I expect to pay, and where can i buy them?

Although their website can still be found here, and Japanese web shop here, the dolls themselves are almost exclusively available on the secondhand market, and are much harder to find due to few big stores stocking their products. 

Please do not buy from eBay! Sellers there charge so much more for these dolls then is necessary, when you can find them much cheaper form other shops. The first shop that i would recommend (and easiest to use!) is mandarake. They ship internationally, have English language version of their website if you don’t speak 日本語, they also have the largest selection of dolls. 

I would also recommend using the service ‘buyee’ to shop from auctions and mercari (just remember to type mama chapp as ママチャップトイ as this service does not have an English version!), here you can find sculpts that might be more rare, or custom dolls!

Finally, you could also order straight from the mama chapp shop using any Japanese proxy service, personally i use white rabbit! This is the option I would recommend the most, as this way you are paying less, supporting the small business and getting a brand new doll! This website also seems to have many new releases that the creator comes up with, so I’d recommend following them in case a new doll is released that you like!~  (♡ >ω< ♡)

My latest mama chapp doll purchase from Mandarake !

How tall are they, and what clothes fit them?

Mama chapp dolls vary in height depending on their sculpt and hair, but the majority of dolls are around 22cm tall. This makes them a little shorter than most fashion dolls, but around the same height to wear the same clothes! The smaller mama chapp dolls have an obitsu 11 body, and are roughly 13cm in height. They also have made dolls as tall as 60cm, but unfortunately these are much more difficult to find, and always seem to be sold out!

When i got my first two mama chapp, i already had some other dolls clothes lying around (i used to have a pullip doll and currently have an azone pureneemo Madoka doll!) so that gave me a good indicator of what size these dolls are. They all have the old obitsu body sculpt, which is a lot smaller than the newer models. Despite this, pureneemo size xs/s clothes will fit them, as well as short sleeved Blythe clothes, Barbie clothes and some Licca chan clothes.

My mama chapp moko-chan modelling an azone pureneemo s size fluffy kitty set!

If you’re looking to build your dolls wardrobe, I’d recommend  as they have so many new styles that are so cute! Plaza Japan also stock many azone outfits too. Etsy is also amazing, although a little more pricey. You could also modify clothing patterns for various doll lines and make your own clothes for them. Clothes with shirring tend to work best, as they can fit even if the size is meant for bigger dolls. The one thing i would be careful of is socks; most azone knee-highs are too big! I’ll be documenting more of my mama chapp dolls coordinates over on my figure collection and twitter, if you’re interested! 

I hope that this post was helpful, and that it provides a little more information/resources about these dolls to those who are also interested in collecting them. I’d really love to see mama chapp become as popular as they deserve to be, these dolls are the cutest! Please do let me know if you decided to purchase from their online shop, I’d love to hear about it

                                                        Lots of love,

                                                        Evie xox

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