November 18, 2023

Jirai kei girls tips for Puroland ! ♡ Eviebunnie

 Good morning everybun

For today’s post, I wanted to share my most recent code and favourite tips for visiting Sanrio Puroland~

Puroland might be my favourite theme park to visit in the world; the rides are peaceful and cute, colours are pastel and pretty, lots of cute sweets & merchandise as well as the unforgettable parade shows and getting to meet some of my favourite characters of all time !!

That’s why whenever I go to Puroland, I like to try my best to coordinate a girly, fashionable outfit that is both practical to wear all day and fun for taking photos with the many spots throughout the park. While you might have seen my last post about the best photo spots, here I wanted to share some of my outfit and accessory tips for getting the best experience at Puroland as a ryousangata or jirai girl~

#1 Plan your outfit the night before + bring comfy clothes / spare shoes 

It sounds simple, but I really recommend planning what you want to wear to the park the day (or, a couple days before!) you decide to go. Firstly, it saves you time in the morning when you have to get up early to leave for the park, and secondly it helps when you’re planning what character you’ll be representing with the cute ears and accessories!

For example, I planned this coordinate with My Melody in mind to keep lots of white and a baby pink handbag to match her baby pink ears. For a jirai touch I paired this outfit with my Yosuke platform trainers, Justin David and Vivienne Westwood rings. You don’t always need to perfectly match a character, but it is nice to know your outfit works well with them~

Shoes are also very important! While I have worn platform heels like Bubbles many times to Puroland, I always keep a comfy extra pair in my bag. I really recommend the Don Quiote (My Melody) crocs as they are super light to carry and still cute, so even if you end up getting photos not wearing your heels they’re still going to be pretty!!

#2 bring plenty of props for otaku activities 

This is one I really recommend, but bring many of your favourite characters accessories to Puroland !~
Many jirai girls bring ita bags, plushies, acrylic stands, etc of their oshi to Puroland and you can take the cutest photos. I brought some Madoka accessories with me as well as the doll I have of her, and love the photos you can take!! Some of the spaces at Puroland are very small and work well for dolls, plushies or acrylic stands of your oshi!!
They also have many goods you can purchase for your oshi such as custom penlights, charms, etc…

#3 take plenty of ambience photos and try the adorable crepes 

I think my best sweets recommendation at Puroland is the character crepe, and whilst I always get My Melody, there are so many characters to choose from!! It makes for a lovely photo, tastes pretty good and you can get lots of lovely drinks from the same stand such as bubble tea or soda. This is located in the main food hall!
I’d also recommend trying any of the limited food that you see for sale there- most likely it’ll be super adorable and make your visit even more special~
Many of the ambience photos I take work really well for a great jirai or ryousangata Instagram feed, or, even better, serve as happy memories to look back on♡

#4 bring a penlight and book the parade seats in advance

Puroland has a lot of different parades on depending on the season and time of day..! I definitely recommend researching what the special parade is for the season you are visiting and watching that for an unforgettable experience. The parade is free to watch, but you do have to book front row spots in advance via the app or website
I recommend just standing at the area around 30-40minutes early so you can get a good view if you don’t want to spend more money. And, of course buying an adorable lightstick from the gift shop!~
Sanrio’s Miracle gift parade is a wonderful experience to meet new characters you might not know and enjoy catchy songs, I really recommend it! In my experience I love the front row seats as it gives you a chance to interact with the characters and get the best photos…!

#5 explore the park slowly until closing time 

One of my favourite past times at Puroland is just to simply wander and let your eyes look at all the beautiful details you might not miss while on the rides and at the events, such as pretty wallpaper, themed vending machines and even paintings in some of the bathrooms…!

This also includes just having those happy moments to share with your friends dressed up as your favourite characters (we went as Kuromi, Kitty and Melo!) and it was just so much fun. Usually I am in a bit of a rush to get home from Puroland and don’t stay until it closes, but this time it was so lovely to take the day slowly and look back at the beautiful rainbow gates enhanced by the light rain.

hope this post is helpful for your visit to Puroland !~ ♡
I’ll try to keep more consistent with writing on this blog- it can be tricky when life is so busy but there’s so much I want to share with you angels…

Thank you so for reading,
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September 01, 2023

Bisoulovely x Madoka Magica ♡ unboxing & review

 Good morning everybun!

For today's blog post, I’m so excited to be sharing my thoughts on the new Bisoulovely X Madoka Magica collaboration!

This exciting collaboration was announced (coincidentally in time with the new Madoka Magica movie) this month. The collection features jewellery of the 5 main girls; Mami, Sayaka, Homura, Kyoko and of course, Madoka!!~I just filmed a unboxing video on my Instagram, so I will leave the link here if you want to check that out to to see the pieces in detail on video. You can follow Bisoulovely here for more details about the release dates~The current release date for this collection is eighth of September and the pre-orders are open right now, so if you see anything you’d like in this post, it’s available for sale now!~

Although this post includes gifted items from Bisoulovely, all my thoughts on my own, and I will be giving an honest review and opinion of this collection

The first thing upon receiving this package that I noticed is how beautiful the packaging is. I adore the baby pink box  and I also love the moon and star wrapping paper!~This packaging really makes you feel that Bisoulovely cares about their customers and put so much effort into the design so that when you open it it feels like a happy present I really appreciate small details like this as I think this is what distinguishes a luxury jewellery brand from a regular cute brand. 

Of course, the next thing that I noticed was how adorable this Bisoulovely x Madoka Magica box is!~ The artwork on these boxes is from the Madomagi anime and I remember as a child I had this art as a wall scroll on my wall. This is so nostalgic and cute and such a good choice for the jewelry collection box. I also really appreciate how colourful it is♡ I’m really excited to display this box on my Madoka Magica figure collection shelf hehe!

Of course, I instantly fell in love with this beautiful Madoka ring♡ The colour choice is really elegant, with the rose gold and pastel pink details as well as beautiful, small, white gems. I really love how the side of the ring has little ribbons, reminiscent of Madoka’s dress with ribbons on the side and a tear shape gem similar to her soul gem. The ribbon on the top of the ring also reminds me of how Madoka wears her soul gem with a ribbon round her neck. Quality wise, this ring feels really comfortable and fit is perfect. It feels like a really beautiful well-made ring and I think that is what separates Bisoulovely from other cute anime-type jewellery brands…

One major concern with anime related goods is that they are not always very versatile and can sometimes clash with your regular clothes. This is the exact opposite from the jewellery Bisoulovely makes!~ I am confident I can wear this ring with any dress in my wardrobe and it will match perfectly. This design is so perfect for girls who love cute and sweet things. I think that a lot of people will love this jewellery line, even if you don’t know this anime… although if you don’t know MadoMagi please watch it hehe

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this collection to any MadoMagi fan.
The pieces I was sent are so beautiful and the quality is amazing~ I will definitely be recommending Bisoulovely to all of my friends who ask me and wearing these pieces in my next Instagram posts hehe

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this inspires you to have a look at Bisoulovely angels~

Lots of love,
♡ Evie xox ♡


July 22, 2023

♡ Sanrio Puroland | How to meet My Melody & the best ryousangata photo spots!~ ♡

 Good morning everybun! 

For today's blog post, I really wanted to share some of the cute and happy moments from a super fun day at Sanrio Puroland with my adorable friend, and also some of my favourite photo spots that are popular with Jirai-kei and Ryousangata type girls, as well as advice for if you are thinking of visiting Puroland too~

This was my 4th visit to Puroland,….! We managed to see so many things and enjoy the cute Puro atmosphere, as well as take so many cute photos hehe…!~

Outfit details 

Dress: Ank Rouge x Sweet Piano
Pouch bag: Sanrio Sweet Piano Birthday 2023 collection
Headband: Sanrio Sweet Piano Birthday 2023 collection
Hair ribbons: Paris Kids
Shoes: Buffalo 

Photo recommendation: heart headband pose 

This adorable pose is one I was inspired to try from photos on insta, but it’s where you pose the headbands together to look a little like a heart!~ This works best with matching headbands, but you can also try a cute contrast like My Melody and Kuromi 
You can use many different backgrounds for this pose depending on the characters you’re representing, but I recommend a background that has shows some of Puroland’s adorable wallpaper, like this one outside of ‘Lady Kitty’s Mansion’~♪  For an extra bit of cuteness, make sure to show your cute ita nails in the photo, and edit in sparkles with an app like ‘Snow’!

Photo recommendation: character greeting 

For the next photo, I wanted to share a cute candid from meeting my idol, My Melody!
In order to meet the Puro cast, you can check their app or website to see what characters are available that day
~♪ Next, book a slot on the machines that can be found in the Puro Village (bottom floor) near the Wisdom Tree, in the entertainment hall. If you really love a character and it’s your dream to meet them, I really recommend researching the day they’re at Puro beforehand so you can definitely meet them! 

This was my first time meeting My Melo, despite having gone to Puroland so many times.. and it was so so special! She is so sweet

For my photo recommendation for this spot, I would say candid hugging photos are really the cutest for sure!! the staff take many photos for you, and it is a really adorable keepsake. For the character meet, it’s best to enjoy yourself and the photos will definitely be cute!~♪ 

Photo recommendation: My Melo drive

This adorable strawberry wall is in the entertainment hall of puroland, and has become one of my favourite photo spots for how cute and perfect it is!
The My Melo car is actually the same as the ones on ‘My Melo Drive’ ride, which you can also get a souvenir photo of. However, this photo spot is a little more cute because of the background, and you can get a better quality, closer up photo~

Photo recommendation: strawberry carriage 

This might be my favourite photo spot ever…
I really felt like a Princess, and the pastel pink colours are too perfect. You can also take photos in this carriage with friends, or bring your itabag hehe~
This photo spot is too adorable, and is conveniently located next to Lady Kitty’s House!

Photo recommendation: My Melody’s room

This photo spot is seriously perfect for My Melody theme codes
The twin chairs would look super cute with a friend, and you can get creative with props and accessories to match the delicious cake!
I really loved the delicate cherry blossom background too, so beautiful…
and the statue of My Melody is too perfect for outfit codes ! I recommend wearing platform shoes for this pose~

Photo recommendation: Puro Shop 

One of my favourite photo types is to pose with various merchandise I really love at Sanrio Puroland…!~
This particular shop is for a character called ‘Wish me Mell’, an adorable fluffy white bunny with a rainbow tail. I really loved how pink it was, so it was perfect for photos

Thank you so much for reading angels
I also have more Puro photos in one of my previous trip blog posts, which you can read here ! Hopefully I’ve covered all the cutest photo spots here, but there’s even more in that post hehe… I’ll also be planning new photo ideas and a vlog too on my next trip, so please look forward to that~
Lots of love,
 Evie xox 

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