July 15, 2019

♡Traditional Ryokan | Hakone & Yudanaka ♡

Hello everyone!

One of my favourite memories from my time in Japan is staying in some beautiful hotels, surrounded by nature. Outside of Tokyo, I spent a few nights in two different traditional style Ryokan, both of which I loved, and wanted to share the pictures here on my blog!~


This has to be one of my favourite places I have ever stayed in. The rooms have a beautiful mountain view and water from the nearby springs for your own private baths. As someone who has never stayed in a Ryokan before, I was in awe by how simple yet pretty everything was 

Onsen attached to the room..

(they also had a koi pond which I forgot to photograph, but it was so pretty~)


This ryokan definitely had a very traditional feel to it, feeling as if not much had changed throughout the years of it being open. While in Yudanaka we spent a lot of time travelling, so taking pictures throughout was a little challenging, but here are some I managed to take!

One of the specialities for Yudanaka: Buckwheat noodles...♡
The snow monkeys enjoyed the weather ^-^
There are tanuki everywhere!
One of the installations at the art gallery!
The traditional style foods were presented so beautifully, although unfortunately not much was vegetarian so I had to give some to the people I was travelling with xD 

The leaf plate is so cute!
Beautiful gold details..

Thank you for reading this post! Although it was a little simpler than what i usually write, I still hope that it was interesting to see some of the photos from my holiday~

 Evie xox 

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