January 05, 2018

Himistore review 2018! ♡

Today I have an exciting fashion haul from Himistore!! ❀
They sell  J-fashion and cosplay related items, focusing on providing a 'kawaii wardrobe' to those who shop there. There are so many adorable (and affordable!) pieces to buy there, but I'm just going to be reviewing a couple for you today, and offer my honest opinion on what I got! ᵔᴥᵔ

Here's a close up of what everything looked like inside the package! Each individual item was given a clear bag to keep it clean, and the delivery was on time, which is good (´∀`)

♡D.va bandage sleeves hoodie ♡
When I saw this hoodie on the site I instantly fell in love! the cut off/ribboney sleeves are a really cool touch to this adorable hoodie that features D.va's catchphrase of 'I play to win!!!' and hearts on the sleeves that say 'D/va ♡ you' as well ^^

 I play as D.va almost exclusively on Overwatch so I wanted to get a jumper that shows that!-♡ This also goes pretty well with the rest of my wardrobe & will make a great statement piece for January to February when its still cold :3 Plus D.va's logo is a bunny!!

Apologies for not fixing up the uneven ribbon on the collar! <('o'<) The only fault I can think of is that the text isn't the right way round IRL... only in mirrors! Which I don't mind (since that's useful for mirror selfies w), but some people might ♡ The material is comfy and the inside is fleecy which I really like!

I've just paired this with a simple pastel blue skirt and the white sock-tights I got from himistore as well!

♡ Strawberry Lattice pink strap dress ♡

It's safe to say I'm in love with this dress!! I love strawberry's and pink gingham, so its exactly what I was looking for (●´ω`●)

This will be perfect for my summer lookbook! It's super light and floaty ♡ Major bonus is that it has an underskirt so no need to worry about windy days ٩(^‿^)۶

Again I've paired this with the white knee high tights from himistore ^^ although for hot summer days it may be better to just wear ankle socks!

Something I both like and dislike is the cut of this dress; it fits in below the bust line instead of the waist, which is cute but does mean that it is more suitable to someone with a larger bust. The straps are tied into ribbons at the shoulders which keep falling down! XD

♡ Free gift! Fluffy cat socks ♡
Something I got for free were these fluffy cat socks!! they have little charms on them and the feet look like actual cat feet omg ヽ(´▽`)ノ I'm tempted to buy more of these, they're adorable!

And that concludes my haul! I hope this was interesting to read ^-^

If you want to order from Himistore, here's the link to their website!:  http://himi.storenvy.com/
And Ill be posting these on my new flickr account~ https://www.flickr.com/photos/154710935@N08/

As always thanku for reading and i'll see you in my next blog! ♡

Evie xox

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