May 25, 2021

Lodispotto & girly J-fashion brand spring 2021 haul ♡ charms, codes and more...!

 Good morning sweet sunflowers! 

For today's blog post, I'm so excited to be writing another spring collection review and haul, as well as sharing my most recent (albeit quite simple!) codes. It seems like springtime is when all the cutest pieces are released by brands, and Lodispotto is no acception...

 ♡ Lodispotto 'Mignon' pearl Face Mask - white colourway ♡

This simple yet cute mask caught my eye, for the delicate lace details and pearl embroidered ribbon, which match so well with the pink writing. Although the pink colourway is also cute, I decided to go with white as I need more masks that match different shades of pink in my wardrobe...
꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

It was only after purchasing this mask that I realised a little pouch is included for storage, and it has an adjustable wire built in for your nose...! These types of masks are so much more comfortable (at least, in my experience). The lace pattern is also continued on the other side, and looks so sweet♡ 

♡ Lodispotto Petit Rose Fille op- white colourway ♡

This delicate floral print dress was the piece that inspired me to purchase from Lodispotto's spring collection; I absolutely adore the feminine cut, lace embellishments and ribbons. This print was also so special to me, as my sister bought a matching ver. in the blue colourway!

My first code with this dress...! I decided to pair this print with ParisKids earrings, a Tiffany & Co. pink silver heart bracelet, Liz Lisa pink ribbon wedges and Collectif strawberry bag with a fluffy Maison De FLEUR poodle charm!♡ Once the weather is warmer, I think a ribbon straw hat would be so cute with this print too. Wearing this op was so soft and comfortable, I can't wait to create other codes with it...꒰#’ω`#꒱੭

 ♡ Maison De FLEUR toy poodle charm- pink ribbon  ♡

I couldn't resist sharing a little close-up photo of this toy poodle charm, too! After browsing the Maison De FLEUR tag on secondhand auctions, she seemed too cute not to pick up 
I also absolutely adore my other charm from their brand (a little pink bunny from this blog post!) and accessorise my bags with her all the time, so finding a friend for her was so sweet!

♡ Lodispotto Fleur Fairy Knit - pink colourway ♡

A piece that I was so, so excited to receive was this beautiful pink knit! The fabric is so soft and light, perfect for spring weather ꒰♡ˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈꒱.⑅*♡ Another detail that I absolutely love is this delicate embroidery around the collar; little pearls, flowers and leaves just add so much cuteness and elegance...

 The sleeves are also absolutely beautiful! I love floaty, princess style sleeves like these, and the embroidered flower clusters are such a cute detail ♡ I can imagine this style of knit blouse being so cute with a floral printed skirt, or perhaps a tulle princess style piece?

♡ Romantic Dolly Blouse - white colourway ♡

This simple pearl accent blouse seemed to be so versatile for spring to summer, and had such a cute sweetheart neckline with the cutest little pearl details. I'm always looking for new blouses that can be coordinated with many outfits, and perhaps this simple white piece may be the solution to that ♡

The white tulle sleeves are also so beautiful...! The bell shape is so elegant and sweet, I really love the look of tulle, and so am overjoyed to see so many pieces Lodispotto has with it  

♡ Mille Fille Closet Princess Cream Blouse - pink colourway ♡

I also picked up another blouse by Lodispotto's (sadly discontinued) sister brand, Mille Fille Closet...! As it was preloved, the seller also included the sets matching skirt, which I also absolutely adore ♡ This seems to have a casual princess feel to it!

One of the reasons this blouse captivated me is for the many pretty and delicate details. The pearls adorning the front, layers of ruffle and lace, back ribbon and beautiful sweetheart neckline all create a feminine and lovely piece...♡

♡ Mille Fille Closet flower swan skirt - white colourway ♡

This beautiful tulle skirt was an absolute necessity to me, despite the fact I rarely wear blue themed items; tulle is such an elegant material, and skirts like this are so comfortable, yet pretty~  *⋆⑅˚꒰ˊૢᵕˋૢෆ꒱ The first underskirt also features a beautiful floral lace pattern, which is just perfect...! I feel that this piece will be perfect for both summer and winter, with the pale blue patching snowflakes, or a sweet summer sky

And this is my first code with the Mille Fille closet items...! I paired them with a gold rose heart necklace and Liz Lisa white ribbon platform sandals (with little gold hearts ♡) to try and create a simple girly summer look. I'd also love to pair this blouse with Liz Lisa printed skirts, or the skirt with a white lace blouse or fluffy white cardigan in the winter...

 Ladurée Macaron Bag charm- mint colourway 

The final piece that I wanted to include in this spring haul is this beautiful macaron charm from one of my favourite shops in London...!♡ Despite having already purchased the pink version of this charm, the mint just seemed so cute and sweet with the pink and white macarons, and perfect for coordinating with other pastel colours~꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*˚‧

I hope that this post was somewhat interesting to read, as I had so much fun writing it...!
Although it's taken a little longer to sort out, I hope to finish my other blog posts sometime soon, and until then that everyone is doing well, staying safe and taking care♡

With love,

♡ Evie xox ♡

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