November 08, 2021

Liz Lisa’s ‘gingham cafe’ | reviewing one of my dream dresses! ♡

 Good morning fluffy pancakes…! ♡

Today’s post is so exciting, as i finally got round to purchasing one of my dream Liz Lisa dresses secondhand… gingham cafe in the pink colour way. I’ve dreamed about owning this dress for years, but it’s quite hard to find, and when you do it tends to be very overpriced.  

But after finally finding it on auctions for a somewhat decent price, and in perfect condition, I just had to go for it, and am so glad to have done so…! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

The main reason that I’ve grown to adore this print is for how retro, but princess like it feels. The little gingham ribbons tied on cherries, delicate roses and array of sweet pancakes and treats make you feel like you’re looking at a vintage dessert advertisement!~

The body of the dress features an abundance of cherries and Liz Lisa’s signature pink roses. I find that quite a few of my favourite Liz Lisa prints have cherries on them, and it might be due to how sweet and shiny they look… or how cute the little ribbon details on them are!

Whilst in my code photos, this dress may appear a bit more of a baby pink shade, but the actual colour is this pale pink! I adore how the gingham pale pink x white colour scheme looks with a simple ribbon and lace trim at the collar. Although the overall look isn’t as extravagant as other Liz Lisa prints, I actually think this style is so flattering and adorable in it’s own way…!~

And of course, there is an adorable fluffy layer of tulle on the underskirt of the dress…! This is one of my favourite details that Liz Lisa add to their dresses, as it just gives the piece so much more shape and cuteness U・ᴥ・U

My favourite detail on this print have to be the stack of pancakes, adorned with honey and flowers. Not only is there this stunning lace boarder, but ribbons and roses just look so pretty and cute along with the desserts…! The teacup even has a golden edge, how beautiful

The other gorgeous details on this print feature a cherry cupcake and another pretty dot pattern teacup~♪ The attention to detail is just impeccable, the cupcake even featuring a little ‘Liz Lisa’ logo! It makes me feel like I’m at a vintage girly themed picnic or tea party 

And here’s a little overview of the coordinate I put together with this op!

Dress: gingham cafe in pink by Liz Lisa 
Hair ribbons: off brand, handmade from auctions
Hair clip: Liz Lisa x my melody (reviewed here!)
Bag: Sanrio puroland 2018 my melody print 
Bag charm: my melody kindergarten series charm 

I really enjoyed coordinating items that fit the colour scheme of this print! Pink x red is such a cute combo, especially when the red details are adorable little cherries… I got these hair ribbons especially for this code, and couldn’t resist a few my melo details

Thank you so much for reading about one of my favourite prints angels…! I hope that your November is going well, and cannot wait to share some pinkmas content soon…

                                                            Lots of love,

                                                          ♡ Evie xox ♡


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