January 19, 2020


♡ Hello lovelies! ♡
I'm so excited to be sharing the adorable pieces from the most recent Liz Lisa x My Melody collaboration with you~ (n˘v˘•) For late 2019/2020, Liz Lisa released an adorable pale pink cherry print collection, featuring the adorable My Melody. Unlike the other collaborations in 2019, this one featured hair clips, but no handbag. The dress print is also quite a bit more simple than the other collabs!

♡ My Melody & Kuromi Hair Clips ♡

The first item I got from the collab are these adorable little hairclips! They feature both My Melo and Kuromi in soft lilac & pale pink, with pearl/flower crown details. I adore both the colours and size of these clips, they're perfect for both casual and ott Himekaji/Larme style codes. I actually didn't have any Kuromi items before this hairclip, and while My Melo will always be best girl, I must admit that Kuromi looks adorable in this pastel purple and pink theme

                                                           ♡ My Melody key ring 

This keyring, I must confess, has completely won my heart! Her baby pink colour with a surprised expression is adorable, and I love how this dress looks on her~♡ The small red cherries are a nice touch to complete the soft and natural cute look. My favourite details on this dress are the matching white ribbons on the front/back, and the sweet little pearl buttons. Her flower crown also features cute little crystals (like 2018 Melo's) which I also love. 

♡ Cherry/My Melody Print Dress ♡

Out of all the pieces from this collab, I still think the dress is the one I get most excited to receive (๑°꒵°๑)・* With many intricate details, the cutest baby pink colourway and feminine frill/ribbon details, this dress truly is a dream come true. I was interested in the cherry theme, as I only have one other piece with cherries on it (Liz Lisa Cherry Terrier, featured in my autumn Liz Lisa Haul) and considering it has Melo as well, this dress was utterly irresistible ♡ (As is almost anything with My Melo to me, I'll admit !)

The details of this dress include ribbon and flower printed lace, ribbon details on the collar, and a blossom/cherry/Melo themed print. I think the cherry blossom theme will be perfect for spring, but the red cherries and long sleeves make this dress versatile enough to be worn in colder months. With that being said, this dress brings me joy to remember that spring will be soon!♡

As always, thank you so much for reading, I hope this post was enjoyable to read!
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♡ Evie xox ♡

♡Liz Lisa x My Melody 2018 | Unboxing

January 06, 2020

A Wintery Liz Lisa Haul | unboxing & review ♡

♡Hello everyone!♡
For the first post of the new year, I wanted to start with a little Liz Lisa haul..
Today's post is all about the dreamy and soft wintery items I got...(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

♡ Pale Pink Sailor Collar Coat ♡

Liz Lisa create such beautiful winter coats, that when I saw this one I couldn't resist! The faux fur is so soft, it feels so heavy and well made. The pale pink, gold and white complement each other well. I wore this coat in NYC (notorious for being freezing in winter) and it kept me very warm♡ 

I adore the little details on the pockets, with blossom shaped lace!~ Also the golden ribbons on the buttons, and the sailor collar detail on the back with a little ribbon..♡ This coat looks so sweet with a beret or pastel pink scarf, I love putting together coords with it~

♡ Heart Ribbon Earrings ♡

These dainty baby blue earrings are too cute!~ While it's rare I buy something not pink, I love the powdery blue shade of these ribbons. The shiny heart crystals on the ends and heart loops are dreamy, with sweet pearls. I adore how these earrings still stand out with my hair down, as having long hair this is quite rare! The soft colour is also very versatile~

Thank you for reading this little Liz Lisa haul post! Let me know if you've had any dreamy purchases from them for winter, there's been such cute releases~ 
Lots of love,
Evie xox

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