December 14, 2022

♡ A day at Universal Studios Japan! | Winter 2022 ♡


Good morning everybun~

For today’s blog post, I’m so excited to share all the details about my most recent (and first!) trip to Universal Studios Japan…! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚ We had such an incredible time there, and it was so unique…!

Although I’m not a huge minions fan, I do love this unicorn character, hehe!

♡ Travelling to USJ 

We travelled from our hotel in Kyoto to Osaka (where USJ is located) via the train, and took the JR Kyoto line…! It only took about half an hour to get to Osaka, and another 25 minutes to USJ. Once we arrived in Osaka, it was so lovely to just explore a little and check out all the shops before entering the park. There was even a Tully's Coffee shop where we tried the limited seasonal drinks, so refreshing~ I’d really recommend checking the cafe’s around the park before visiting, as there is no queue for them, and they have good options for cute and veggie/vegan things, such as this açai berry smoothie…!

♡ New York & Hollywood area ♡

So honestly, while I was walking around here it was a little overwhelming due to how big the park was and crowded…! Despite that, we didn’t have to queue at the park gates, yay!~
The first thing I noticed was the Jujitsu Kaisen section of the park, it was so cool…! There were many pillars with artwork of the characters, character goods in the shop, food related to the series, and of course, themed activities too! Of course, I had to take a photo with bae, hehe…!

This section of the park changes quite a lot, and I was a little disappointed that we had missed the Demon Slayer theme. However, this was still so cool to see…! I really loved seeing the New York style decorations around this area, especially Spider Man!

There was also this huge Christmas tree, which was so beautiful and festive! The whole tree was covered with sparkling lights, which looked so pretty later on that day~

♡ Harry Potter area 

I didn’t expect to really spend much time looking around this part of the park, but strangely it was actually really fun and well made? I’m not really a Harry Potter fan because of the author, but I do love fantasy so thought I’d have fun and try out being a Hogwarts transfer student for the day, hehe…

The castle looked absolutely incredible ! I really loved all the small details and how all the main buildings from the series had been included. The traditional sweets shops, pub and cobbled streets were all so cute! There was also a live show, where students from each house preformed a dance~

We then decided to visit the food hall, as it looked just like the movies…! As it was quite a sunny day, it also seemed like a good idea to sit inside where you could rest. There was pretty much only meat options for sale, but thankfully I spotted a couple dessert options we could share♡

I tried this lemonade, and it was quite refreshing and nice! You had the option to buy drinks in either this Harry Potter themed cup, or a plastic butterbeer cup. I chose this one as I’d already had butterbeer as a child and didn’t quite feel like trying it again, hehe…! The hall was also so beautiful, although we were so tired after queuing for a long time~

Here is what I chose! This dessert took a while to arrive as it is a smoking cauldron, and looked amazing…! Perfect for photos if you’re dressing up as a character. This is a lemon flavoured sponge cake~ Unfortunately, I can’t say that it tasted all that great… the sponge was very dry, not fresh at all and the cream/sauce tasted synthetic. I’d only really recommend this for photos~

I took some photos with my Jyushi plush, since he matches the dessert so well ♡

 overall thoughts and rating of this park 

Overall, I enjoyed visiting Universal Studios Japan! There were many cute things to look at and despite the crowds, we had a great day. However, because of the crowds, we weren’t able to do any rides or properly enjoy a lot of the attractions, and queuing for snacks that were overpriced but did not taste nice wasn’t so good. Actually, we ended up leaving early to go back to Kyoto, as there were just much more fun things to do there…!~♪ I also didn’t end up buying anything from this theme park as the merchandise wasn’t very cute.

So whilst I’d recommend this park, I’d say that Disney and Puroland are far better theme parks to visit in Japan! This is mainly because I found the shopping, food and drink options much better in those parks, but if you’re not a vegan and like meat perhaps you’d not be bothered by this. And if you do visit Universal Studios here, maybe try not to go on a weekend. I think next time I’m in Japan, I’ll give this park one more try when it’s a weekday. 

Thank you so much for reading…! ♡

Evie xox


November 25, 2022

♡ A day at Sanrio Puroland | sparkling Christmas 2022! ♡

Hello sweet angels!

For today’s blog post, I’m so excited to be sharing a little about my most recent trip to Sanrio Puroland…! ♪ I decided to visit in early November, when they introduced this years Christmas theme, ‘sparkling pink christmas’ ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

I’ve also posted a short video vlog on instagram if you haven’t already seen it!

♡ Travelling to Puroland ♡

To get to Puroland, I had about a hour-long tube journey from Shinjuku-sanchome station. Although I was a bit nervous travelling by myself, it went very smoothly and the tube system was easy to navigate! I also got to travel half of the journey in a woman’s-only carriage, which was a relief as the train was quite busy. By the time I’d arrived at Keio-Tama-Center station, it was initially a little confusing as there weren’t the classic Puro decorations that I remembered from the last time I visited (which i also wrote a blog about!), but then I realised it was because my train was just further out from the centre of the station. Then, following the directions, I’d arrived at the adorable front gates…!

Because I was travelling there on a weekday, and had bought my ticket the night before, there was no queue and I was able to walk in easily. I’d really recommend buying your ticket ahead of visiting the park, as I’m sure the ticket queue is much bigger on the weekend…! however, I did have to show my passport, which was a little strange as I wasn’t requested to do this at Disney or Universal…?♡

♡ Lady Kitty’s Palace 

Once I was there, I immediately headed to the beautiful palace of Lady Kitty …! This is one of my favourite parts of the park as everything is the *perfect* shade of pink, with many beautiful girly and princessy details. This part of the park has a shopping section, various photo spots, and Kitty‘s home! The queue was quite short, and I only had to wait about ten minutes

Once we were welcomed into Lady Kitty‘s house, there were so many pretty spots for photos and to have fun! I really loved this closet, that opens up to reveal a giant bear! It was such a surprise as I’d been standing in front of it hehe

Then before meeting Lady Kitty, I decided to take some photos…!The lighting in puroland is actually quite nice for selfies, and all the makeup products in Lady Kitty‘s room are giant, so it makes it feel like you’re a doll…! For todays code, I’d decided to wear this Liz Lisa x My Melo print dress from my previous post with the Donki My Melo crocs, knee high socks, and accessories from Paris Kids and Lafary (as well as My Melo ears bought from the puro shop, of course!)

I then queued to get my photo with Lady Kitty, although to be honest I wasn’t so bothered…! I’m just a My Melody fan, although I’d definitely stay in this beautiful mansion if it meant I could sleep in this beautiful bed, hehe

Before I left Lady Kitty‘s realm, I had to get the classic photo in her strawberry carriage…!♡ Despite being alone on this trip, I worked up the courage to talk to someone and ask her to take my photo…!~♪ And I’m really happy I did, as this family were so sweet and friendly, and took some photos for me that I really like. If you’re travelling alone, don’t be afraid to ask others for help taking pictures, everyone is really kind♡ 

♡ Cinnamoroll anniversary café 

I decided to visit this limited cafe as it was super pretty, and seemed to have beautiful sweets…! The sparking Christmas only had meat dishes available, so I wanted to get something that was vegan (or, more realistically, vegetarian) friendly, but still cute and tasty. I also visited early to avoid queuing, which seemed to be a good idea as when I passed this cafe a couple hours later, there was a long queue…!~

I decided to get the milk cheesecake and banana milk set, with this pretty strawberry jelly yogurt drink~ overall, everything tasted quite nice!

 I’m not a huge fan of milk in general, but it looked so cute, it was fun to pose and take photos with hehe~ as for the cheesecake, it was a little confusing as the base is actually a piece of waffle…? Regardless, it was simple but tasty. The drink was very sweet (as you can probably tell from the photo, hehe!) and overall, it was okay. I probably wouldn’t order these items again, but they make for a cute photo? And, I suppose, the event is limited, so they’re somewhat special

♡ My Melody’s room 

After my very sweet meal, I headed to my most anticipated part of the park: My Melo’s room! This area is mainly a shop, with some cute photo spots. The last time I was here, it looked completely different, but honestly it’s even cuter now…! ꒰#’ω`#꒱੭

The entrance had this adorable christmas tree that you could take photos with…! Lots of people had brought along oshigoto goods to use as photo props, and it was too cute! I took some photos of my Madoka-chan and Jyushi-kun plushies with it, which I’ll be posting on my instagram around Christmas time~

One of my favourite photo spots is this adorable My Melody with a little heart…! And of course, the beautiful cherry blossom table. I took some photos here, thanks to the lovely girls in the queue behind me who also loved My Melo

This cake really added a special feel to the room, it was just so beautiful..! Everything was pastel pink, and I felt so happy being surrounded by the beautiful sakura and My Melo goods

After having an amazing time shopping, I decided to visit my favourite ride: My Melo drive! ♪
 You can see the full video on my instagram reel, my favourite part is seeing baby Melo!! I just adore all the sweet characters in My Melo‘s life, and getting the cute photo taken (that you can decorate…!) I’m still getting used to how quickly purikara asks you to edit photos, but eventually I’ll decorate in time hehe!

Finally, I went to view the sparkling christmas show, which was absolutely adorable!
Cogimyun had her own little singing solo which was too cute, although unfortunately by this point it had gotten super crowded, so it was hard to see…! I couldn’t wait to see the performance from the front row as I had very little time before rushing off to see a friend in Akihabara, but next time when I’m not so busy I’ll make sure to sit front row and get good photos to share with you!

Here’s a summary of all the things that I’d ended up purchasing…! As I’d already been to a few Sanrio stores prior, I didn’t go too crazy and just bought the things that I’d really wanted… as well as a Hypmic Samatoki figure and Pui Pui Molcar cable bite, hehe!

Overall, I had an incredible time and would really recommend Sanrio puroland to anyone considering going, it’s just such a happy and fun place. Everyone was so nice to me, and a few people even recognised the print that I was wearing !! ♡

My main advice would be to try and get there as early as possible, as many popular merchandise and food items will sell out quickly. Additionally, take lots of photos, and start sitting to wait for the live show at least half an hour before it starts if you want a good view!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful day~

Evie xox

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