February 16, 2018

Pripara microphone, cyalume tact & accessories review! ♡♪

If you're a fan of idols or cute Shōjo anime, you may be familiar with the anime series and game, Idol time Pripara!♡ Despite the anime being around for a fairly long amount of time, only recently I actually watched it~ I really loved the cute and colourful story, characters and fashion, and would recommend it if you love those sorts of things ♡ Ami ami currently have a sale up to 70% off Pripara merch, so check them out! ~ http://www.amiami.com/

The pripara merchandise is not only compatible with each other, but the cards, gems and microphone can be used in the Japanese arcade game version! If you live/are able to travel to japan then this is a fun feature to be able to use ^^

♡So with that out of the way, lets start the review!♡

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Starting off with the microphone itself! The gems pictured here are the 3 you receive in the microphone set, whereas the big shiny heart that attached the 3rd gem to the microphone is part of the extra accessories add on! The microphone lights up and plays a variety of different voice lines, as well as being compatible with all heart gems~

The heart's can be placed under the ribbon (as shown here) to be used in the arcade game!

You also receive this card with the microphone! It's the dress from a cute blue coord~ Even if you don't play the game, these cards are still super cute ^^

Also something to mention is that the mini snap-off cards have bio's of the characters!

Compatible with the microphone and tact is the extra accessories set!~ Here lies the secret to customising your mic and making it super 'dreamy cute' ^o^

No matter what your style is, the mic and tact can coord with you!
Firstly, included in this set is the sparkly bow variation (instead of the pastel pink one the mic comes with), and a gothic (holic trick?) variation, as well as this adorable rainbowy blue one!~ These just look so cute and mean no matter what your style is, the mic and tact can coord with you!

Each card has a clothing item (dress, footwear, hair accessory) that all work together~

Abouve are the cards you receive in the accessory pack~ while honestly. I'm not too much of a fan of this coord overall, its still nice to see different characters shown other than Laala, even if she is super cute! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

And lastly, the cyalume tact! here's a little close up of the back of the box, its so cute omg ♡

The front of the box is shaped like a giant ribbon! it's so cute >-<

Here are the cards with the full coord you get in this set! This has to be my favourite one, its so pretty omg ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ The back of these cards are super sparkly too!!

This set is super celestial, my fav ^^

So heres a picture of the tact in action! without the mic, you have the option of...
♡Your Jewel type
♡ Voice lines from the characters
♡ Sounds when you move the tact

♡ and when you flip the ribbon and add the microphone, you activate kami idol mode & they light up in sync rainbow colours, with the option of all the main songs to sing to ♡
To be honest this thing is really heavy... ! ಠ益ಠ

The whole tact's appearance! how cute is it?!

A closeup of some of the gems and mic! 

So that was my review of the Idol time pripara tact/microphone/some of the extra thingys! ^^ Although I don't really collect magical girl wands, this will look cute with the ones that I do have, and mainly I will use for my Laala cosplay, when I get round to it!

as always, thank you for reading~
Evie xox ♡

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