July 22, 2023

♡ Sanrio Puroland | How to meet My Melody & the best ryousangata photo spots!~ ♡

 Good morning everybun! 

For today's blog post, I really wanted to share some of the cute and happy moments from a super fun day at Sanrio Puroland with my adorable friend, and also some of my favourite photo spots that are popular with Jirai-kei and Ryousangata type girls, as well as advice for if you are thinking of visiting Puroland too~

This was my 4th visit to Puroland,….! We managed to see so many things and enjoy the cute Puro atmosphere, as well as take so many cute photos hehe…!~

Outfit details 

Dress: Ank Rouge x Sweet Piano
Pouch bag: Sanrio Sweet Piano Birthday 2023 collection
Headband: Sanrio Sweet Piano Birthday 2023 collection
Hair ribbons: Paris Kids
Shoes: Buffalo 

Photo recommendation: heart headband pose 

This adorable pose is one I was inspired to try from photos on insta, but it’s where you pose the headbands together to look a little like a heart!~ This works best with matching headbands, but you can also try a cute contrast like My Melody and Kuromi 
You can use many different backgrounds for this pose depending on the characters you’re representing, but I recommend a background that has shows some of Puroland’s adorable wallpaper, like this one outside of ‘Lady Kitty’s Mansion’~♪  For an extra bit of cuteness, make sure to show your cute ita nails in the photo, and edit in sparkles with an app like ‘Snow’!

Photo recommendation: character greeting 

For the next photo, I wanted to share a cute candid from meeting my idol, My Melody!
In order to meet the Puro cast, you can check their app or website to see what characters are available that day
~♪ Next, book a slot on the machines that can be found in the Puro Village (bottom floor) near the Wisdom Tree, in the entertainment hall. If you really love a character and it’s your dream to meet them, I really recommend researching the day they’re at Puro beforehand so you can definitely meet them! 

This was my first time meeting My Melo, despite having gone to Puroland so many times.. and it was so so special! She is so sweet

For my photo recommendation for this spot, I would say candid hugging photos are really the cutest for sure!! the staff take many photos for you, and it is a really adorable keepsake. For the character meet, it’s best to enjoy yourself and the photos will definitely be cute!~♪ 

Photo recommendation: My Melo drive

This adorable strawberry wall is in the entertainment hall of puroland, and has become one of my favourite photo spots for how cute and perfect it is!
The My Melo car is actually the same as the ones on ‘My Melo Drive’ ride, which you can also get a souvenir photo of. However, this photo spot is a little more cute because of the background, and you can get a better quality, closer up photo~

Photo recommendation: strawberry carriage 

This might be my favourite photo spot ever…
I really felt like a Princess, and the pastel pink colours are too perfect. You can also take photos in this carriage with friends, or bring your itabag hehe~
This photo spot is too adorable, and is conveniently located next to Lady Kitty’s House!

Photo recommendation: My Melody’s room

This photo spot is seriously perfect for My Melody theme codes
The twin chairs would look super cute with a friend, and you can get creative with props and accessories to match the delicious cake!
I really loved the delicate cherry blossom background too, so beautiful…
and the statue of My Melody is too perfect for outfit codes ! I recommend wearing platform shoes for this pose~

Photo recommendation: Puro Shop 

One of my favourite photo types is to pose with various merchandise I really love at Sanrio Puroland…!~
This particular shop is for a character called ‘Wish me Mell’, an adorable fluffy white bunny with a rainbow tail. I really loved how pink it was, so it was perfect for photos

Thank you so much for reading angels
I also have more Puro photos in one of my previous trip blog posts, which you can read here ! Hopefully I’ve covered all the cutest photo spots here, but there’s even more in that post hehe… I’ll also be planning new photo ideas and a vlog too on my next trip, so please look forward to that~
Lots of love,
 Evie xox 

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