April 15, 2017

Disney Princess Cinderella suite ☆♪ / My experience staying there

My time staying in the Paris Disney Cinderella suite was one of the best weekends of my life- as a huge Disney fan and 'wannabe princess' of sorts I was in wonder at all the detail and care they put into the décor, and the magical details that the room has! I wanted to share my pictures and experiences with anyone who's interested in knowing about this special suite and what it's like to be in!*:・゚✧

So to start off with a little disclaimer of sorts, I was here in 2015 (so 2 years ago!) when I stayed there, so if there have been any recent renovations in the hotel I would not know (although I doubt it can change that much!) We also did NOT book this suite- it was a random (and lucky!) upgrade that we were kindly given (´ω`) I'm not 100% sure if being castle club members plays into your likelihood of being upgraded to this room, but I would assume that it definitely does as we were not offered this suite the first time at the park, when we had a different suite outside of the club.
Starting on the outside of the suite, there is a little motif of the glass slipper on the well next to the Cinderella sign. This was really exciting to see, 14yr old me was fangirling a lot haha!

The interior of the room is so so pretty- Gorgeous pumpkin details all over the furniture and lots of seating Which is great for families or large groups, or for relaxing after a long day at the park ^^

one of my favourite details was this wall painting, so so pretty and magical! The little details like the fairy godmother on the side and  Jaq and Gus the mice make the room feel like its part of the story..

And I loved the glass slipper and detailed figurine of Cinderella's carriage! Although the slipper was under a glass I still couldn't resist taking a photo with it...

I will say that the slipper was way too narrow for a normal foot size, so I didn't try it on (and it would be a little unhygienic!) so I left it at that, but I did hold it and I was really excited! ♡

Probably the best part of the room was the view- you have the view of the other castle and the parades plus fireworks at night, which was a truly magical experience in the evening to watch- the fireworks are so pretty, and this room really gives you the best view of them from the castle...

To summarise, I really had a amazing time at this suite. Not only is it luxurious but you really do feel like you are in Cinderella's story, and this definitely added to making this one of my favourite experiences ever ♡
I hope this was interesting to anyone who is curious about Disney's Cinderella suite, or to anyone who is just a Disney fan in general like me! I'll be posting lots more Disney and Travel related content very soon so please feel free to follow me if you're interested in that! (╹◡╹)♡

Evie xox ♡ ♡ ♡

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