April 01, 2023

♡ styling my newest Michell Macaron pieces! | ryosangata & jirai-kei codes ♡

Hello everybun!
For today’s blog post, I'm so happy to be sharing how I've been styling my most recent purchases from Michell Macaron with you~♪ Michell Macaron are a brand that specialise in cute, girly and elegant type clothes; a perfect fit for both ryosangata and jirai-kei coordinates. 

If you’re wondering why I like this brand so much, I’ll explain…! Michell Macaron produces the clothes that are well made, cute and extremely flattering to wear. They are best known for their famous ‘long leg skirt’ that promises to make anyone’s legs look super pretty, and fits your waist perfectly♡ Michell Macaron also offer multiple sizes from an xs-m, which is somewhat refreshing to see from a Japanese fashion brand as one-size clothes usually aren’t as diverse… hopefully this brand can add even more sizes in the future ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

All the Michell Macaron items featured in this post can be bought from the mycolour website, although they may be out of stock as some pieces, especially the skirts, are quite popular♡ With that being said, let’s review each coordinate and the lovely clothes from this brand!~

♡ Michell Macaron ‘skirt for beautiful legs’, houndstooth pattern, size xs 

This skirt really caught my eye as it’s just so girly, elegant and cute…!~

I wore this code for my most recent jirai-kei meet-up in London and it was so much fun to coordinate. This skirt is really comfy, has built in shorts and a sweet pastel grey x white colour palette that can be paired with the majority of my wardrobe. 

The houndstooth pattern seemed to match quite well with a white blouse or fluffy jumper, a perfect transitional piece to add to your wardrobe for welcoming spring, and was super comfy to wear with my short heeled shoes by Dearmylove

Outfit details:

Jumper: Liz Lisa 

Skirt: Michell Macaron 

Shoes: Dearmylove

Headband: Secondhand

Handbag: Mellfy Memory

Bracelet: Lafary

Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis 

♡ Michell Macaron  ‘puff sleeve logo knit ‘, pink beige, size xs 

This knit really caught my eye when I first saw it on the Michell Macaron website…!~♪ 

It has a really pretty muted pink colour, with the word ‘Charme’ written across the front in a black font. There’s also a cute little heart detail, and it’s so soft…

I thought this piece would be perfect for casual ryosangata type outfits, and match well with both of the Michell Macaron skirts that I have. You could also pair this top with pretty much any jirai-kei black skirt and it would look adorable! 

I decided to try wearing this with black hair ribbons and a black skirt so that the pink stands out a little more ♡ I also like pairing my heart ribbons with this jumper, and some of my shoes that have heart shaped buckles too… 
These sparkly platform shoes are by Rojita and I’m so in love with them…! I think they’re quite unique for jirai shoes with the various silver accessories and glittery platform, and it’s nice to add a more detailed pair of shoes to my collection~

Outfit details: 

Jumper: Michell Macaron

Skirt: Michell Macaron

Shoes: Ank Rouge 

Necklace: Dior

Hair ribbons: Dearmylove 

Tiara: Amazon 

♡ Michell macaron ‘skirt for beautiful legs’, black, size xs 

This was the first piece that I bought from Michell Macaron, and probably one of the most worn skirts in my entire wardrobe…! It’s so simple, cute and matches everything. This skirt was already featured in my previous outfits blog post, but I couldn’t resist sharing it in this one too, hehe

Outfit details:

Blouse: Rojita
Skirt: Michell Macaron 
Bag: Maison De FLEUR 
Charm: Maison De FLEUR
Ring: Justin Davis 

I won’t go into too much detail as I have posted about this skirt before, but there are just so many reasons I love it…! The shape is flattering and cute, it’s the perfect length and you can wear it in any coord~ If you are planning to get your first piece from Michell Macaron, this is probably the one that I’d recommend the most…!~

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope it was somewhat helpful if you’re thinking of buying from Michell Macaron. I’m really happy with all the pieces I’ve gotten from them so far

Lots of love,

Evie xox 

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