January 26, 2023

♡ my current favourite jirai kei / ryosangata outfits & where to get them! | eviebunnie ♡

 Good morning everybun…!~

For today’s blog post, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite recent coordinates, featuring pieces that seem to be on-trend with jirai fashion There's quite a few pieces that have really grown on me, and others that I've purchased recently and wanted to try creating different outfits with. Last year I started wearing jirai and ryosangata fashion, after wearing himekaji for quite a few years. I’m hoping that this year, I'll be able to create lots of new codes for this style that I've become a little obsessed with…!

Yua-chan inspired code

This outfit is completely inspired by Yua-chan, my favourite character from the manga series ‘tomorrow, I'm someone’s girlfriend’! ♡ She has such an iconic style, that I really wanted to recreate a few of her outfits. This dress was quite difficult to find as it’s sold out, but thankfully it popped up on mercari, and I couldn’t resist I also have been really loving these hair ribbons from Paris Kids; the pink jewel hearts are so cute and sparkly, also they were surprisingly very affordable! I also was so happy, as zirai_girl and zirai_zyoshi featured this code on their instagram; I couldn’t believe it…!

Outfit details 

Dress: Rojita 
Backpack: MCM
Hair ribbons: Paris Kids
Bracelet: Lafary 
Shoes: Dearmylove 
Earrings: Lafary 
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis
Bag charm: Maison De Fleur x Sanrio 
Jacket: Reflem

I also had to include this super fluffy Reflem jacket in the coordinate, how cosy and cute!~ Bunny themed items are a must-buy for me, and this jacket seemed like the perfect baby pink shade, with black lace details. It’s absolutely massive, and really keeps you warm during the cold winter♡ Also, I just adore how long and floppy the ears are? One thing that always puts me off buying rabbit jackets is when the ears are too small and, therefore, inaccurate for if I was a real bunny girl.. I mean I am, it's just much easier for me to hide my ears and wear a jacket like this instead!

Rojita x Michell Macaron code

This code features my favourite skirt in my wardrobe, as well as one of my favourite blouses! I really adore the black lace details on this blouse, as well as the choker detail with a little pearl heart. I feel like this coordinate is a little more sophisticated than the outfits I’m usually wearing? Especially with these socks, although they kept falling down, so I'll probably wear them with suspenders next time lol This necklace has also become one of my favourites in my collection, despite the fact that I bought it on a whim at the Shibuya Sanrio store. It’s super cute with the ribbon details!

Outfit details 

Blouse: Rojita 
Skirt: Michell Macaron
Socks: Victoria's Secret
Shoes: Dearmylove
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis
Headband: Lafary 
Necklace: Sanrio 
Earrings: Lafary

Yua-chan inspired code

Of course, I couldn’t resist putting together another code that was inspired by Yua-chan…! She wore this top in the series with a similar themed skirt, and I just thought it was so cute and elegant♡ The bijou ribbon at the centre is also so detailed, and I've been obsessed with these rose shaped buttons- what a cute idea This skirt is also by Rojita, and has a pretty lace layer, with sparkly heart shaped buckles. It’s quite similar to one I own from Ma*rs, but to be honest I wear that skirt so much, it felt justifiable buying another that was similar…! I did originally try to pair this code with a necklace, but the blouse was so detailed it didn’t work so well?~♪ 

Outfit details

Top: Rojita 
Skirt: Rojita
Earrings & Hair Ribbons: Paris Kids
Hair clip: Sanrio
Bracelet: Lafary
Shoes: Dearmylove 
Backpack: MCM

Liz Lisa x Michell Macaron

This coordinate is probably my favourite that I've worn, and features my favourite ryosangata style jumpers and skirt in my wardrobe…! This Dior bag featured in this coord is actually older than me; it was passed down to me from my sweet Grandma~ The Michell Macaron skirt is a must have; its designed with a curved shape and tiered structure, so it fits to your body pretty well♡  There’s also built in shorts, and shirring on the back. I don’t think any of my other skirts fit me as well as this one, and it might also be because they actually offer various sizes on the Michell Macaron website! I’m planning to order a few more goodies from them very soon, mainly a couple variations of this skirt, as I'm obsessed with it! 

I also tried pairing this Maison De Fleur bag with the code…! Which bag do you prefer with it?

Outfit details

Jumpers (both colourways): Liz Lisa
Skirt: Michell Macaron 
Rings: Vivienne Westwood, Justin Davis 
Shoes: Dearmylove
Jacket: Ma*rs
Scarf: Lolime by Mellfy Memory
Necklace: Sanrio
Bag: Dior

I really like these jumpers from Liz Lisa as they are so fluffy, warm and soft to touch♡ The design is actually quite simple, but since I wore the pink x white colour-way quite a lot, investing in the pink x black design was a must. I really hope Liz Lisa release more pieces in this shade of pale pink, it's honestly so perfect…! You can honestly pair this jumper with any black skirt and it’ll look cute, hehe

Secret honey code

other than Liz Lisa, Michell Macaron and Rojita, I think that Secret Honey might be one of my favourite brands for clothes at the moment...! this set-up has a waist tie, which allows you to adjust it to fit you properly. I also adore the little ribbon details and the shade of baby pink; how cute?! this code was so comfy to wear at Tokyo Disney Sea, where I twinned with Lina Bell...! it was so much fun

Outfit details

Setup: Secret Honey
Headband & plush: Tokyo DisneySea
Earrings: Tokyo Disneysea
Shoes: Buffalo
Bag charm: Maison De Fleur x Sanrio
Bag: MCM

close-up ft. A DisneySea limited edition chocolate churro..! 

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this post was somewhat helpful in providing some outfit ideas and shops to consider purchasing from…! It’s been my goal to write more outfit-building type content for this year, and sharing some of my favourite clothes seemed like a fun way to start. I used to write a lot of haul/unboxing type posts, but recently I've found it so much more fun to share coordinates too. I have lots of fashion and cosme content planned for this year, so please look forward to it...!  

Sending you lots of love and positive energy, 

♡ Evie xox ♡


January 01, 2023

♡ Visiting a bunny themed shrine in Kyoto! | Okazaki Shrine 2023 ♡

 Good morning everybun…!

I know I’ve posted this photo everywhere at this point… but I really loved this shrine and wearing a bunny kimono there!

As you probably already know, this year is the zodiac year of the rabbit…!

As I’m hoping that it’ll be a special year, I decided to write a little blog post about this beautiful shrine, as well as discussing my future dreams and goals. I actually wrote a similar blog to this in the past, and some of my dreams actually came true… so maybe it’s lucky?

This is Okazaki shrine in Kyoto, also known as the bunny shrine! I’ve dreamed of going here for years, and finally managed to visit in time for the year of the rabbit. I know that I’ve posted a lot about this shrine, but it really is so beautiful. Rabbits are pretty well known in Shintoism for representing fertility, good luck and intelligence, but they are also known for symbolising the ability to move forward. For this year, I’m hoping that this will be a good sign to keep working hard, and moving towards becoming the best version of myself

This bunny statue was probably my favourite! It reminded me a lot of my late bunny Arthur, who was also lop-eared. I actually brought a photo of him with me to this shrine♡ There were a lot of other rabbit lovers there, it was so sweet…! I’d really love to visit again in the future, and would definitely recommend this shrine to other bunny lovers; it was just too adorable~

When you visit a shrine, there’s always omamori for sale that have various good-luck affects. I ended up choosing quite a few goodies, but my favourite is this adorable pink bunny charm, which is supposed to bring happiness, and also came in a white colour too…! 

During our walk to and from the shrine, it was so wonderful to just take in all the beautiful (albeit a little old and dirty!) sights around Kyoto. I love how in autumn, all the green and orange shades are so vivid and pretty… I felt like I was in a forest sometimes, despite this being a big city! There was so much beautiful nature~

This shrine was also a twenty minute walk away from philosophers walk, one of the loveliest spots to visit in Kyoto I’d visited this exact spot before four years ago, and although it was so beautiful during that springtime with the pink sakura, the autumn colours were still lovely!

Please ignore the trash can… lol

I hope that for 2023, there will be many more happy moments like this. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses and worries of life, that (at least for me) I easily forget that even the simple things can bring a lot of joy.Of course, it's not every day that I'm able to rent a bunny themed kimono and then visit a bunny themed shrine, but I want to grow to appreciate even the small things that can bring joy, such as my own bunny shrine at home, or even just seeing cute bunny gifs online, hehe~

Another goal of mine is to try taking a proficiency exam for my Japanese language. I’ve been studying for years, and even will be starting a language course in Tokyo next year, but never took a formal exam…! The reason I'd love to take an exam (and, hopefully, pass!) is because it feels like a huge achievement, and looks great on your cv hehe!
Because of my dyslexia, I struggle with retaining information, and reading text that isn’t broken up into small chunks is difficult for me. I also learn words very slowly, and make lots of spelling mistakes… and that’s just in English…! Despite this, I've worked really hard to improve my Japanese, and I'm determined to become fluent one day.

My final goal for 2023 is to find a job that I really love, and work on building my little online world, especially this blog. I tend to get swept up in my own imagination a little too much, but it would be amazing to have a dreamy and cute life too… I want to work hard to make content that you enjoy viewing, and have a job that is fulfilling and fun…! Hopefully that will be possible in Tokyo; maybe the next time I write a New Years resolution list, it’ll come true?

Thank you so much for reading angel, and I hope your New Years was wonderful. Do you have any resolutions?

Lots of love,

Evie xox♡ 

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