December 24, 2018

Disneyland Paris at Christmas...♡

Hello everyone! ♪( ´▽`)

For this month’s blog post, I wanted to talk about my recent trip to Paris Disneyland ♡
Unlike the other times I’ve visited, this year I was able to meet a lot more cast members, and take some adorably festive photos... :>
Although it was cold, visiting in December was worth it for the beautiful decorations and special events taking place, such as Mickey’s 90th birthday & the Christmas Tree Lights!

Thumper with his lovely tartan bow tie!~
The light show for Mickey’s birthday was so so beautiful~ The lights created a beautiful rainbow across the tree, but there were also some pretty fireworks! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
You also didn't have to stay too close to see the show; as you can see from my pictures, I was pretty far away and could still hear and see the different moments in this show~

Purple hues & blue strobe lights...

The gorgeous rainbow lights!
The lighting of the Christmas tree is another must-see for your trip; Minnie and Mickey sing different carols before a beautiful light show on the centre tree, featuring different colours and effects! If you can, I’d really recommend seeing this show, it was so special and cute ^-^ the show was in both English and French, so it was understandable for most of the audience! It really felt like they had checked that every detail was perfect.

Minnie before lighting the tree!
Rainbow lights...
In comparison to the tree in the DLP hotel, this one has a lot more detail and colours..♡
It's also a bit bigger too! In fact, it blocks the view of the castle from the hotel XD

Brilliant blue ♪
However, my favourite thing about the trip was meeting the different characters in their festive costumes!
Most importantly, seeing Thumper (for the first time!) in person. Thumper is my all time favourite Disney character, and he was so funny and cute!♡
I didn't know you could even meet him outside of easter time, so this was a lovely surprise ^o^

I took a lot of pictures with him, but these were my favourites~ 
He also chewed on some candy canes while waiting for his picture to be taken, so cute!♡

I'm not sure if this photo shows how happy I was TuT~
Here are some (blurry!) pictures of Tiana and Belle's christmas outfits! They looked so beautiful and happy, I loved this part of the parade ♡
As well as all the main princesses, the parade also showcased the gorgeous outfits of the main characters!~ Although it was very quick, so I couldn't take good photos.. TuT

There were so many cute and delicious sweet treats at DLP this christmas!~
Although there were many pastries, cakes and desserts, my favourite has to be the hot chocolate; It has whipped cream, marshmallows and christmas tree sweets!♡ 

It was so tasty !
While waiting for my sister in Frontier Land, I had this delicious nutella crepe with a hot chocolate!
I really recommend it, especially when it's cold and you don't want to go on scary rides ♡ 

Even the crepe packaging was cute~

Overall, Christmas at DLP was an unforgettable experience, and if you're thinking about going there, I'd recommend christmas over almost any other time~ 
From the carols played throughout the park, to the adorable costumes, this has to be one of the most festive and cheerful places to stay at during the holidays~
as always, thank you for reading, and I'll see you in the next post!♡

♡Evie xox♡
© Eviebunnie