June 16, 2017

Fragrance haul!♬♡

Todays post is all about fragrances!♡ and by that I mean perfumes, candles, and bath products, some of my favourite things that I really don't talk about often; most of my blogging tends to be over on Makeup Amino, so I usually spend more time posting about 'the facial care/beauty area' of my life. However!! I'd like to use this blog to expand my posts from that and talk about my other interests, of which there are many!(*^ワ^*)

Enough blabbing, lets start off with the first product of the haul, this vanilla cupcake scented Yankee candle! ☆(ゝω・)v
Omg it smells so so good!♬ This reminds me of the Betty Crocker icing we have here in the UK (I'm not sure what other countries sell it..) and it smells amazing! 10/10 recommend for sweet lovers, its so good!!!! *gets carried away* (╯’□’)╯︵ ┻━┻
I got this from Cards Galore for £8.99 (kind of expensive.. but totally worth it I think)

Next up is the second Yankee Candle I got, the Cherry blossom one! ♡
I was so excited to see this for sale in Debenhams for £5.40, I really wanted this one! Again I have gone with the small size, as I intend to collect quite a few different scents and it would take up a lot of space if they were bigger lol! ♡  

Next is something I have always wanted, Body Fantasies spray in cotton candy scent! ♪(‘ε゚人)*.+゜
I noticed that my nearest Superdrug was stocking these sprays, so I couldn't resist picking one up! This is very, very sweet but I'm still a fan! ♪ It was on sale for only £1.97! I'd really like to find the strawberry and the sweet pea one, I'm very excited about this brand q(´∀'◎)*:;☆

The next perfume I got is this strawberry body mist from the body shop! ♬
I've actually bought this fragrance before (its very affordable at £8) and it is my daily go-to scent! It smells so fresh and I love it so much, I really do recommend this one, not only that but they stock matching deodorant, body moisturiser and shower gel to complement it, yess!\(´∀`●)/♡♡

Next up are some macaron shaped bath bombs by a brand I haven't tried before! They were on sale for £3.99, for 5 bath bombs!
I absolutely love how cute and innovative the design of these is, the same brand also do bubble tea shaped bath melts as well, which I regret not buying. But these ones are super cute anyway lol!
How cute is the macaron shape? They smell very fruity and fresh, perfect for summer! ☆(#´-ω-`)b

last but not least is this marshmallow bath cream for £1.99, it not only looks cute but smells amazing! I'm not too sure about how often I'll be using this.. but it was pretty cheap so I'm not too concerned lol ♡
I'm kind of excited about trying this with the bath bombs as well... that might actually work out pretty nicely for a chill bath day I think!

So that concludes my haul! I'm actually pretty surprised at the affordability of these products, especially the strawberry perfume and the cotton candy spray ^ω^●)ノ゙
Thank you for reading, and if theres anything that this haul can show its that Superdrug is Super affordable! (terrible joke, I know..)
Evie xox

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