April 28, 2022

♡A look at LARME 052…♡

 Good morning angels!

For todays blog post, i’m so excited to continue my ‘a look at LARME magazine’ series, with the latest issue, 052. ♡ It’s been a while since I wrote about my favourite magazine, but with the Jirai girl trend becoming more popular, as well as even more famous idols featured in this issue, I couldn’t resist sharing some of the cutest pages from this issue with you…!

To start the issue, we have this gorgeous cover photo of Kanano-chan and Sakina-chan as angels, or as the title of this issue suggests, ‘Vivian girls’. I think this cover is one of the most eye-catching that LARME have had in a while, it’s so surreal and unique!

Also, if you’re curious about the background, i actually used my Liz Lisa anniversary pink skirt!

The first theme that LARME covers for this issue is baptism, continuing the angelic and holy concept. This shoot is really beautiful, i adore the hair styling and Ayaka-chan’s cosme here… 

LARME focuses on ‘the beauty of appearance’ here, with an abundance of lace, ruffles, and fairytale imagery. I know I’m more than a little bias here, but this shoot really does remind me of the 1970 film ‘Valerie a týden divů’, especially this pretty black x white sailor collar dress!

LARME constantly takes inspiration from films such as this, with key elements about coming of age, religion, love and fantasy. Another example that has been explicitly quoted in a past LARME issue is of course the 1997 film ‘Lolita’, which is arguably a key component to the LARME girl aesthetic. 

The next theme that we are introduced to is ‘Vivian girls’! At first, i thought that this was a reference to the designer Vivienne Westwood, who is especially popular in jirai girl fashion at the moment. 

However, the description suggests that it’s more of a concept LARME created of a girl who fights for justice in a fantasy kingdom, a fantasy story of girls enduring hardships and trying to stay cute, despite it allThis seems to be a little inspired by magical girl genre to me, especially the cute ‘weapons’ embellished with hearts that you see on the cover!

Some of the coordinates featured for Vivian girls. I adore the black x pink colour scheme and how on-trend this spread is- ribbon tights especially…!

Something about the sweet white lace headbands with a casual summer dress is just so cute and summery- I’ve previously thought that these headbands only work with egl styles, but now i definitely don’t feel the same way…! 

How pretty is this shoot…! I also love the question and answer format in the corner, its such a cute idea. It’s quite endearing and funny to find out random facts about the models, such as that Naenano-chan’s favourite food from Lawson, or favourite social media ♡

Here’s a look at the contents page for this issue…!~♪ As with this series, i wont be able to cover everything in this issue, but will try my best to cover what seems most interesting ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱

For each model, there is an outline of their cosme routine! I was so happy to see this, as Nagisa-chan has the cutest makeup look and I can’t wait to try it ♡

LARME also break down the various styles that are popular, including feminine, elegant, cute, cool and causal! As i’m sure most readers will fall under the elegant, cute or feminine category, I’ve included those pages~

We also have this beautiful feature for Noa-chan, featuring 100 secret questions…! As I've mentioned before, these pages are wonderful for getting to know the models a little more. This might seem strange for a magazine that is so visual, but it’s refreshing and sweet to learn about idols and insta celebrities
I think a lot of these tips are quite general, such as applying sun screen and moisturiser everyday, however there are some cute things such as Noa-chan‘s favourite hair arrange being a low ponytail! I found these pages a little too diet-focused which was a shame, although I understand this is probably something some fans may want to know?

The next couple pages are some of my favourites that LARME have produced, featuring their ‘femme fatale’ concept with adorable illustrations by Shirosaki-san (@london_222 on twitter)!

I adore the bunny outfits featured in this spread, how adorable? ♫꒰・◡・๑꒱

The q&a for Kanano-chan and Sakina-chan is so sweet, i love any questions about romance or fate so this was nice to read~  (♡ >ω< ♡)
 Sakina-chan’s answer with life being about timing and that you’ll someday meet that important person definitely resonated with me ♡

This is probably the spread that I think most people will be interested in; the Jirai girl pages…! 
LARME suggest cute hairstyles and makeup for the fashion, such as the famous heart twintails that have been all over social media recently 

How adorable are these ribbon themed hair arrange? I think what makes jirai fashion so cute is the amount of ribbons used in a coordinate ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

This spread also includes a basic makeup tutorial for those who may be new to the fashion! Key elements include heavy eye makeup (especially under eye!) and high impact colours, such as red lip tint. I love that each model has a different hair length, so you can still be inspired to put together a jirai code without having longer hair!~ ♪

I hope that this post was enjoyable to read, and that it inspires you to pick up LARME 052…!
As always, thank you so much for reading, and I can’t wait to share my next blog post with you all very soon…!
Lots of love, 
♡ Evie xox ♡

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