July 28, 2019

♡ Liz Lisa summer 2019 haul ♡

✩Hello everyone!✩♬♪

Around a month ago I placed an order from Liz Lisa, as their summer collection (specifically, the bath time bunny and the angel dot prints) was irresistible to me. A couple of days ago, both my dresses arrived and I am so in love with them! ♡ (●o’∪`o)ノ♪`*.+

as they're both prints with roses, they look cute together~♡
Photographing and writing about Liz Lisa clothing is one of my favourite things to do on this blog, which is why I am so excited to share these two dresses. 
As usual, here's the store bag included with the dresses~ 

I'm also really happy because there was no customs fee from this order!✩ Maybe it's because I chose a cheaper shipping option than usual, or that these are lighter than other orders, but it's nice to not have that extra cost for once. ٩(๑`н´๑)۶

Close up of the two pieces..

 ♡ Bath Time Rabbit jsk  in pink ♡

This dress is so light and cute! 
I truly wasn't expecting to like this piece as much as I do, but the little details really do make it special. I'm especially fond of the little heart shaped bubbles and the corset-like bust~ 
The winking rabbits with hearts around their eyes is such an adorable detail! It does seem odd to wear a dress with baths on it, but somehow it works. That's Liz Lisa for you!
I only wish that it was this easy to clean my rabbit .. (/≧ω\)

bath time rabbit! ♡
closeup of the gorgeous lace and ribbon detailing..
Look at the ribbon tie at the back! too sweet...
roses and heart bubbles are super romantic and girly~✩

The ruffles..♡
I want a bathroom full of flowers like this~~

And here's one of the adorable bunnies! 
♡ Angel Dot op in pink ♡

When this dress was first released, I was obsessed with the lace sleeves and the waist detail~ 
Although I had some worries about the lace being too delicate / going grey in the wash, Liz Lisa put it on sale so I gave in to the temptation...✩
and I'm really glad I did! The lace is so soft, and I can definitely see this being a staple in my spring/summer/any season wardrobe.. (♡ >ω< ♡)

Angel Dot op!
Ribbons and roses~ ☆*。★゚*♪ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノ
Cupid and rose bouquets make this so lovely..

Cupids with different bows!✩
And that's it for this Liz Lisa haul!
Overall, i'm super happy with these pieces and will get lots of use out of them. You can never have enough roses in your wardrobe...
Let me know what you liked about these dresses, or if you're considering buying them/have them! 
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a lovely day~ ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱

 Evie xox 


July 15, 2019

♡Traditional Ryokan | Hakone & Yudanaka ♡

Hello everyone!

One of my favourite memories from my time in Japan is staying in some beautiful hotels, surrounded by nature. Outside of Tokyo, I spent a few nights in two different traditional style Ryokan, both of which I loved, and wanted to share the pictures here on my blog!~


This has to be one of my favourite places I have ever stayed in. The rooms have a beautiful mountain view and water from the nearby springs for your own private baths. As someone who has never stayed in a Ryokan before, I was in awe by how simple yet pretty everything was 

Onsen attached to the room..

(they also had a koi pond which I forgot to photograph, but it was so pretty~)


This ryokan definitely had a very traditional feel to it, feeling as if not much had changed throughout the years of it being open. While in Yudanaka we spent a lot of time travelling, so taking pictures throughout was a little challenging, but here are some I managed to take!

One of the specialities for Yudanaka: Buckwheat noodles...♡
The snow monkeys enjoyed the weather ^-^
There are tanuki everywhere!
One of the installations at the art gallery!
The traditional style foods were presented so beautifully, although unfortunately not much was vegetarian so I had to give some to the people I was travelling with xD 

The leaf plate is so cute!
Beautiful gold details..

Thank you for reading this post! Although it was a little simpler than what i usually write, I still hope that it was interesting to see some of the photos from my holiday~

 Evie xox 

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