December 28, 2021

Princess winter decor & outfit inspiration! ♡ | a cosy and girly New Years…

 Good morning sugarplum fairies!~

For this winter, I also wanted to share a few pieces that I’ve put together for inspiration. Regardless of if, or when you are celebrating this festive season, it can be so exciting to organise what you will wear for colder weather, whilst staying cute and cosy! All the links for each item will be included if you feel like treating yourself, and i really hope you enjoy reading this post whilst I work on my Liz Lisa cupcake bunny print review…! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

blush princess coordinate 

For the first coordinate, I wanted to put together something glamorous, girly and fun♡ 

This blush princess coordinate reminds me of something you’d wear for a lovely evening out, especially with this breathtaking dress from Nana Jacqueline’s ‘Hopeless Romantic’ collection…!

‘Angel baby’ in pink

Featuring a soft faux fur collar and light pink satin bodycon silhouette, I can’t get over how beautiful this piece is! Whilst it looks quite simple at first, the off-shoulder sleeves and fitted shape are so elegant. This definitely is the dress for a glamorous winter evening, without getting too cold…! You can find more photos and the listing for this lovely dress here.

The second piece to this outfit is a gorgeous faux fur coat by new look! Since i saw the Jacquie fur trim wrap jacket, i have been looking for a cruelty free version, and this seems so perfect…! Not only do I love the neckline of this jacket (perfect for wearing with a delicate necklace) but the ribbon waist-tie is lovely, and just makes this piece so much more feminine and cute ꒰。 › ·̮ ‹ 。꒱ 

The faux fur details are also removable, which is great for versatility. I also can’t get over how soft and fluffy this looks, perfect for staying warm but stylish. I actually received this coat as an early Christmas present, and it feels like wearing a soft blanket! The ribbon waist tie also allows a variety of styles, depending on the occasion…!~♪ You can purchase this piece here ♡ 

And of course, I had to include this stunning 50’s inspired baby pink handbag! I’ve been searching for the pink colourway of this handbag for quite some time, and had almost given up until finally finding it on this site. I just know that many of the angels who read my blog would love something like this, it’s so beautiful! Perfect for himekaji, larme girl, vintage and any other feminine styles, i can see this piece being used for so many different coordinates in my wardrobe~  ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

My second thought upon seeing this bag (after ’I need it’ of course!) was that this is such a practical and fun design. The handbag comes with a removable cross-body strap for if your arm gets tired, and multiple pockets inside. It’s also quite big, so could easily fit a lot…! You can find this lovely piece here 

I decided to accessorise mine with this sweet Ladurée macaron charm…! I feel like the gold coloured hardware looks so pretty with this detailed keyring! 

One of my favourite finds for putting together this coordinate are these gorgeous kitten heels, which reminded me so much of the Dior slingback pumps…!~ These are available in pink, black and neutral shades, all of which are so cute with the little ribbon and polka dot details. 

Kitten heels have to be one of my favourite style of shoe, they just look so effortlessly elegant and stylish, whilst being so much easier to walk in then other styles…! If you don’t own a pair already, I’d really recommend them if like me you find stiletto heels a little challenging to walk in! The link for these pretty heels is here U・ᴥ・U

And no outfit would be complete without accessories, of course…! ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

The first pretty pink piece that i found is this stunning satin ribbon matching the gorgeous pink dress from Nana Jacqueline ♡

I adore the pretty crystal logo embellished across this ribbon so much…! This piece is so sweet for dressing up your hairstyle a little, and would look so cute with all the other sweet ribbon details of this coordinate… this dreamy piece is available in multiple other colours here

And if you know me, you’ll also know that my favourite jewellery brand has to be Tiffany’s…! So I couldn’t resist including a few of their pieces here. The first are these stunning silver heart earrings, with the iconic ‘return to Tiffany’s’ logo. I love the little diamonds included in the centre, how romantic and sweet? They are just too elegant, especially with the matching necklace! You can find them here

The second Tiffany’s piece that I couldn’t resist including is their ‘return to Tiffany’s’ pendant! I’ve actually already talked about this piece on my blog here, but could not resist including it in this coordinate. 

♡ Sleepy bunny bedroom set 

The second coordinate and bedroom theme that i wanted to share is for staying cosy and comfy throughout winter…!~

The first adorable item is this beautiful pyjama set from Victoria’s Secret. Not only are their sleepwear items super comfy and warm, but they look so cute and stylish, which is perfect for if you’re spending the holidays with a special someone, or looking to feel glamorous for yourself
My favourite detail about these is the adorable little logo on the pocket, and iconic pink stripes…! These are available to purchase here
 ꒰。 › ·̮ ‹ 。꒱

I also had to include these beautiful striped fluffy pale pink slippers here too, also from vs! These are also so comfy, with a sweet matching ribbon bag for easy storage/travel~ ♡

I’m actually planning to use the bag from my pair for storing pyjamas, as it’s just too cute! The link for these beautiful slippers also can be found here.

This stunning candle set is also so perfect for the colder months, especially if you love soft floral scents for a cosy and softly lit room. Giselle’s shop sells so many different cute candles, my favourite little bunny candle made to look like Arthur was a gift from her…! She has also just released beautiful cocktail and princess inspired candles… ♪

I can’t wait until the new year to purchase some of these beautiful rose themed candles to display on my vanity, or desk…! if you’re also thinking of treating yourself (or someone else, of course!) the link to this enchanting store is here

The sweetest little Arthur candle on my vanity, in the bottom left corner…!~

And if you’re also a fan of sweet candles, what could be cuter than a themed stand to display them on? This one is such a favourite of mine, and you can find it here. I know this design looks a little silly, but at the same time it’s also so cute? I was so happy to find another bunny related display stand to match my trinket dish (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

This bunny stand is also pretty big, which is great for displaying perfumes, candles, figures, plushies and cosme.  I also think it would look so cute with a dome over the top!~

Something that I’ve been meaning to talk about (but never got round to it for years) is how cute the plushies are from bunniesbythebay…! I remember seeing this sweet little bun years ago in a shop during Easter time, and thinking to myself that he definitely needed a home ♡

Not only are their plushies so, so cute, they are also so soft to cuddle! Winter can be so cold, and having soft fluffy bunny plushies around makes it a little more bearable… I adore mine so much, and if you’re also interested in adopting this cutie, the link to do so is here! ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱

I also have been obsessed with finding cute pink themed sleepwear accessories like this eye mask…! I actually bought a silk eye mask secondhand from depop last year, and have been using it for quite some time. Silk is so great for keeping your skin soft and hydrated, so this is the perfect piece for a good nights sleep, without harming your skin in the process!

If you’re also interested in this pretty piece (and browsing the other colour variations) you can find it here!

And I couldn’t resist including one of my all time favourite designs, this gorgeous Royal Worcester Wrendale Designs Rabbit mug! The design is so adorable, and reminds me a little of my sweet angel Arthur. I have also found all the china from this company is so well made and matches with almost all my tableware! ♡

The link for this sweet design is here, although I'd also recommend viewing their other pieces as they are all too cute…!

And it couldn’t be an outfit post without at least a little mention of Liz Lisa…! I thought I'd include these sweet lace detail socks as they are so comfy, adorable and make any outfit even cuter than it was before. ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

Although their releases sell out quite quickly, I’ve included the link to Liz Lisa’s latest pink lace socks here…! 

Thank you so much for reading as always angels, and i hope this post was a little inspiring for cute coordinates for the New Years. I know its a little different from my usual content, but sometimes i love talking about other pieces or lifestyle items than my usual lizmelo content, although i can’t wait to talk about the latest release very soon~

Lots of love,

Evie xox


November 08, 2021

Liz Lisa’s ‘gingham cafe’ | reviewing one of my dream dresses! ♡

 Good morning fluffy pancakes…! ♡

Today’s post is so exciting, as i finally got round to purchasing one of my dream Liz Lisa dresses secondhand… gingham cafe in the pink colour way. I’ve dreamed about owning this dress for years, but it’s quite hard to find, and when you do it tends to be very overpriced.  

But after finally finding it on auctions for a somewhat decent price, and in perfect condition, I just had to go for it, and am so glad to have done so…! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

The main reason that I’ve grown to adore this print is for how retro, but princess like it feels. The little gingham ribbons tied on cherries, delicate roses and array of sweet pancakes and treats make you feel like you’re looking at a vintage dessert advertisement!~

The body of the dress features an abundance of cherries and Liz Lisa’s signature pink roses. I find that quite a few of my favourite Liz Lisa prints have cherries on them, and it might be due to how sweet and shiny they look… or how cute the little ribbon details on them are!

Whilst in my code photos, this dress may appear a bit more of a baby pink shade, but the actual colour is this pale pink! I adore how the gingham pale pink x white colour scheme looks with a simple ribbon and lace trim at the collar. Although the overall look isn’t as extravagant as other Liz Lisa prints, I actually think this style is so flattering and adorable in it’s own way…!~

And of course, there is an adorable fluffy layer of tulle on the underskirt of the dress…! This is one of my favourite details that Liz Lisa add to their dresses, as it just gives the piece so much more shape and cuteness U・ᴥ・U

My favourite detail on this print have to be the stack of pancakes, adorned with honey and flowers. Not only is there this stunning lace boarder, but ribbons and roses just look so pretty and cute along with the desserts…! The teacup even has a golden edge, how beautiful

The other gorgeous details on this print feature a cherry cupcake and another pretty dot pattern teacup~♪ The attention to detail is just impeccable, the cupcake even featuring a little ‘Liz Lisa’ logo! It makes me feel like I’m at a vintage girly themed picnic or tea party 

And here’s a little overview of the coordinate I put together with this op!

Dress: gingham cafe in pink by Liz Lisa 
Hair ribbons: off brand, handmade from auctions
Hair clip: Liz Lisa x my melody (reviewed here!)
Bag: Sanrio puroland 2018 my melody print 
Bag charm: my melody kindergarten series charm 

I really enjoyed coordinating items that fit the colour scheme of this print! Pink x red is such a cute combo, especially when the red details are adorable little cherries… I got these hair ribbons especially for this code, and couldn’t resist a few my melo details

Thank you so much for reading about one of my favourite prints angels…! I hope that your November is going well, and cannot wait to share some pinkmas content soon…

                                                            Lots of love,

                                                          ♡ Evie xox ♡



October 15, 2021

♡ Liz Lisa 2021 'Sweet Bear Gelato' & 'Chocolate Gateau' prints review ♡

 Good morning chocolate bears...!♡

After a few months hiatus due to struggling with tough events in my life, I finally got back to writing this post, and cannot wait to share a little review and try-on of Liz Lisa's newest prints for their summer and autumn collections, Sweet Bear Gelato and Chocolate Gateau...!~ Both prints feature an adorable dessert, ribbon and bear theme, but with different colour palettes and an adorable attention to detail. The bear designs are also quite different on each print, so I'm very excited to talk about the differences in style and my thoughts on them...꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

One of my coordinates with sweet bear gelato..!

Sweet Bear Gelato skirt ♡ Pink colourway

This print was so, so exciting to see, as I absolutely adore parfait designs (hence, my insta handle...) as well as this shade of pink being an all time favourite of mine...!♡

For this print, I decided to choose the skirt♡ This was primarily because I intend to wear this in all types of weather, especially in winter with cosy pink jumpers as it's just too cute for one season! ꒰。 › ·̮ ‹ 。꒱ 

The parfait and ice cream illustrations are just so dreamy cute! Heart shaped strawberries, chocolate and sprinkles adorn the bear shaped ice cream, with delicate cherry, biscuit and peach details. The little bear eating her pink (also bear!) shape ice cream even has little heart shaped paws and a pink bow, so so adorable...!~

I adore how many types of ice cream there are! The mason jar is such a cute idea, but the classic cone is also so beautiful. Looking at this print makes you wonder if it's meant to be a window display, or perhaps a table spread?꒰´꒳`∗꒱

This print also features one of my favourite lace details, with little hearts that match the buttons! I'm also obsessed with the soft underskirt, it's so comfy and pretty...♡

I also absolutely adore the pink gingham background print, especially with the sweet heart and ribbon embellishments~♪ Pink, purple and white flowers adorn the bottom of the skirt, giving the print a summery look ꒰´꒳`∗꒱ 

I also thought I'd share the first code I put together with this piece!

Blouse: Lodispotto

StellaLou Earrings: Hong Kong DisneyLand

Socks: offbrand

Ribbon Bracelet: Ted Baker

StellaLou Bear: Tokyo DisneySea

This code was so much fun to put together, although I'd love to coordinate this print with ribbon accessories and a more ornate blouse for an even girlier look. Regardless, it's still fun to experiment combining different pieces, and finding versatile ways to wear them!~

Another code that i put together included the same skirt with irregular choice x Sanrio little twin stars shoes, a pink Liz Lisa jumper and my melody hair ties…! This was a little more experimental, but i liked how the colours looked together 

                                  Chocolat Gateau op ♡ Pink colourway

The second print that I am absolutely in love with is Chocolat Gateau (or, as I call it, Liz Lisa’s chocolate bear print!) For this piece, I chose the one piece as the ruffles and centrepiece ribbon looked so cute~

The background of the dress is actually little pink chocolate squares, which looks so cute and unique! I really love how creative Liz Lisa were with this print 
♡ The words ‘romantic’, ‘chocolate’ and ‘sweet’ are also scattered across the print in chocolate coloured font, with little hearts, roses and chocolate covered strawberries! How delectable… 

And of course, the light pink ribbon is adorable…!
 ꒰´꒳`∗꒱ I also wanted to point out that the gold heart buttons also have a chocolate pattern on them, which is so perfect. The collar of the dress also has this beautiful ruffle detail, which gives it such a cute and indulgent feel. 

One of the loveliest details of the dress is the collection of sweet treats featured at the bottom of the dress. Chocolates, cupcakes, strawberries and of course chocolate gateau cake…!
The teddies featured on the print have an adorable vintage look to them, and look a lot like Steiff bears to me. The same golden ‘LL’ pendant adorned across the ribbon is also on the bear’s ribbon, which just looks too cute ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

And as always, Liz Lisa made sure to include adorable details to the sleeves by adding this precious pink ribbon and rose lace…! 
Even as someone who prefers longer sleeves, I can’t help but love the girly and sweet look that these puff sleeves give the dress~

For my coordinate with this dress, I didn’t really incorporate many bear themes other than the phone case, but instead just included accessories i loved and felt like wearing that day! Sometimes it’s easy to think you have to make everything match perfectly in order for a coordinate to be cohesive, but honestly it’s a lot more fun to just wear the pieces you feel happiest in…!
♡ I adored wearing this print with my melo and pink accessories ꒰ •͈́ ̫ •͈̀ ꒱

Dress: Liz Lisa

Pink ribbon clips: Liz Lisa 

My melody face mask: Sanrio store Tokyo

Care Bears phone case: skinny dip London 

Lace socks: Liz Lisa

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this post does some justice to showing how lovely these prints are…!

Although I can’t say when my next post will be, I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent such kind messages and been so supportive of me during this time. Although living without my baby Arthur is painful, and my mental/physical health is not the best, I’m more determined than ever to keep moving forward, trying to focus on the positive and helping those around me who are also dealing with difficult situations. Things can (and will!) get better. 

Sending you all lots of love and healing energy~ 

♡ Evie xox ♡


July 14, 2021

My Melody x Maison De FLEUR 2021 review!♡

 Good morning lovelies..!

It's been quite some time since I last posted here, and due to a few changes in my life, it seems like a new post was long overdue. When I previously wrote about Maison De FLEUR's beautiful collaboration with My Melody in 2020, I was so in love with her design that this Melo actually became one of my favourites of my collection...!~♪ 

So, when Maison De FLEUR announced another Sanrio collaboration (with a gingham theme, too!!) it seemed inevitable I'd pick up another Melo charm

Left: 2020 My Melo, Right: 2021 My Melo♡ 

The second Sanrio collaboration features a tea party theme, and two different colourways of each character (My Melody's being pink and blue!) ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

My Melody wears a baby pink gingham dress with sheer ruffles, a Maison De FLEUR ribbon, gold charm and pink x yellow flower crown. Just like last years My Melo, she has delicate pearls on her ears and a gold chain♡

One of my favourite details from last year's Melo was the delicate gold circle charm that she has, so it was wonderful to see how this was a feature on this year's Melo too...!~♪ 


Her blushy cheeks are so cute...! I love how vibrant they are, and how well the pink matches her colour scheme; all the pinks are cohesive, but not too similar that it looks repetitive♡

I couldn't resist talking about her beautiful lace-up ribbon details on the back of the dress, too! This gives her such a princess-y look, especially paired with the adorable gingham print, it makes me wish there was a matching dress so we can twin with My Melo!~ ꒰✩’o`ૢ✩꒱

The adorable baby pink gingham print is also featured on the torso of the charm...! I adore how fluffy her tail is too, although its a shame that you can't see it over the dress.

She also has adorable toe beans, just like last year's charm!~♪  This is such a cute detail, I wish more Melo plushies would give her them...! 

Along with this sweet My Melo, I decided to feature a couple other cuties from my recent Sanrio shop haul...♡

Although I haven't talked about her much on this blog, Mewkledreamy is one of my other favourite Sanrio characters, as her dreamy and pastel theme is too adorable...! I picked up this little charm to match the talking plush of Mewkle and Nene-chan~♪ 
Perhaps I should write about her sometime soon?

And I couldn't resist this fairy theme My Melo charm..! She is absolutely perfect with her pastel rainbow of flowers, and wings..!! Maison De FLEUR's newest Melo also has a similar flower crown design, so I thought they could match ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

And a little comparison of this sweet Melo with different charms/plush..!♡ She is the exact same height as last year's Melo, and therefore quite a bit bigger than most My Melody charms on the market. This also means that matching accessories such as this 'Happy Rainy Days' carry case sadly will not work with her.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that this post was as fun to read as it was to write!~
If you are also interested in purchasing a Maison De FLEUR My Melo charm, I recommend using the site 'Buyee' (if you don't already live in Japan, that is!) to access Google Japan, or other secondhand marketplaces like Mercari or Rakuten.
Lots of love,
♡ Evie xox 


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