July 14, 2021

My Melody x Maison De FLEUR 2021 review!♡

 Good morning lovelies..!

It's been quite some time since I last posted here, and due to a few changes in my life, it seems like a new post was long overdue. When I previously wrote about Maison De FLEUR's beautiful collaboration with My Melody in 2020, I was so in love with her design that this Melo actually became one of my favourites of my collection...!~♪ 

So, when Maison De FLEUR announced another Sanrio collaboration (with a gingham theme, too!!) it seemed inevitable I'd pick up another Melo charm

Left: 2020 My Melo, Right: 2021 My Melo♡ 

The second Sanrio collaboration features a tea party theme, and two different colourways of each character (My Melody's being pink and blue!) ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

My Melody wears a baby pink gingham dress with sheer ruffles, a Maison De FLEUR ribbon, gold charm and pink x yellow flower crown. Just like last years My Melo, she has delicate pearls on her ears and a gold chain♡

One of my favourite details from last year's Melo was the delicate gold circle charm that she has, so it was wonderful to see how this was a feature on this year's Melo too...!~♪ 


Her blushy cheeks are so cute...! I love how vibrant they are, and how well the pink matches her colour scheme; all the pinks are cohesive, but not too similar that it looks repetitive♡

I couldn't resist talking about her beautiful lace-up ribbon details on the back of the dress, too! This gives her such a princess-y look, especially paired with the adorable gingham print, it makes me wish there was a matching dress so we can twin with My Melo!~ ꒰✩’o`ૢ✩꒱

The adorable baby pink gingham print is also featured on the torso of the charm...! I adore how fluffy her tail is too, although its a shame that you can't see it over the dress.

She also has adorable toe beans, just like last year's charm!~♪  This is such a cute detail, I wish more Melo plushies would give her them...! 

Along with this sweet My Melo, I decided to feature a couple other cuties from my recent Sanrio shop haul...♡

Although I haven't talked about her much on this blog, Mewkledreamy is one of my other favourite Sanrio characters, as her dreamy and pastel theme is too adorable...! I picked up this little charm to match the talking plush of Mewkle and Nene-chan~♪ 
Perhaps I should write about her sometime soon?

And I couldn't resist this fairy theme My Melo charm..! She is absolutely perfect with her pastel rainbow of flowers, and wings..!! Maison De FLEUR's newest Melo also has a similar flower crown design, so I thought they could match ꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

And a little comparison of this sweet Melo with different charms/plush..!♡ She is the exact same height as last year's Melo, and therefore quite a bit bigger than most My Melody charms on the market. This also means that matching accessories such as this 'Happy Rainy Days' carry case sadly will not work with her.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that this post was as fun to read as it was to write!~
If you are also interested in purchasing a Maison De FLEUR My Melo charm, I recommend using the site 'Buyee' (if you don't already live in Japan, that is!) to access Google Japan, or other secondhand marketplaces like Mercari or Rakuten.
Lots of love,
♡ Evie xox 


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