December 30, 2019

♡ Girly Cosme for the New Year ♡

Hello everyone!~
I hope that the holidays have been wonderful for you, regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or not (o´ω`o) I've been enjoying the time off with my family and friends
For today's blog post I wanted to share some of my top beauty product recommendations, as it's been a while since I did a post like this...

Canmake Blush & Highlight brushes, Rosy Rosa BB Cream & Shadow brushes♡

Rosy, cute and pink packaging details~♪
I've been searching for a while now to find pretty new brushes, so when I saw these on the YesStyle website I was so glad♡ The Canmake brushes in particular are great quality, and as they come with cases, perfect for travelling with. They also feel so soft!

They're so cute , I adore them!♡

Dolly Wink eyeliner, a classic I've found myself buying time and time again.. 
Dolly Wink eyeliner is a staple in my makeup bag, I love both the brown and black variations~ 
Not only does it feature a precise tip to ensure perfect application, but the formula is long lasting and I rarely find myself buying a new one even though I wear it daily♡

This sweet smelling Lucido-L hair wax is perfect for keeping my fringe in place during windy weather♡ 
After spending quite some time researching feminine hair gels, specifically that look natural and smell sweet, I found this brand! As London gets very windy in winter, I was looking to find a solution for keeping my fringe in place. This cream not only smells like apples, but also looks completely natural, I am so happy with it!

The pot is cute too, I like the gold detailing!~

A face mask set fit for a princess.. I tried these before (last year in Shibuya) and they are perfect for moisturising skin..♡
Two other products i'm obsessed with are the 'BabyFace blusher' by It's Skin, and the 'Princess Veil Mask', by Kose. It's Skin 'Baby Face' products always have such adorable packaging and names, part of the reason why I love using them! The blusher is a soft baby pink, and looks so sweet, complimenting my usual makeup style~ 
The princess veil face masks are ultra hydrating, and perfect for keeping skin soft and glassy. I would recommend them for sheet mask lovers, as you can buy them in bulk and they smell lovely~

BabyFace blusher is so cute to use and look at!

Remington hair curler!~ The delicate pink x rose gold design is beautiful..

Another recommendation I have is the Remington hair curler ♡ When it comes to hair styling, I'm not so experienced, but this curler makes styling so easy~ I also love the pale pink colour!
This curler is so easy to use, and creates the dreamiest hairstyles..

Thank you lovelies for reading, I hope that everyone has an amazing new year~
Lots of love,
Evie xox

December 16, 2019

♡ Liz Lisa Haul! | 2015 Fukubukuro & 2018 Lizmelo summer collab~♡

♡Hello everyone!~ ♡

Today I wanted to talk about the gorgeous pieces that I bought on Depop, all of which are second hand Liz Lisa items!

I actually buy quite a few of my Liz Lisa, Honey Cinammon, Ank Rogue, and other LARME style clothes secondhand from Rakuten Fril and Depop, and would recommend it~

♡ Liz Lisa x My Melody Summer 2018 print - mermaid theme ♡

I felt a little sad to have missed out on this print last year, so when I saw it for sale, I knew I had to have it!

One of my dream dresses..♡
This piece is also special to me as the lovely Ebunnybee listed it! Ebony is so sweet and fashionable so it made me feel blessed to purchase this from her~♡

As well as this lovely dress, she was also super kind to gift me a little calendar, my melo note and LL shopping bag with it, i'm so happy! The dress looks even prettier in person~♡

I adore the rose bouquets and little Melody's in floral, mermaid like codes! *:・゚✧

One of the main reasons I wished to buy this dress was this gorgeous shell-button detailing with the lacy ribbon collaring~*:・゚✧

 Lace with ribbon detailing, so dreamy...♡

I adore dresses with a slight ocean theme, but that are still pink !~

♡ 2015 Fukubukuro ♡

Another Depop Liz Lisa purchase I made was the 2015 suitcase design!~♡
I've wanted a Liz Lisa suitcase for years because of how iconic and cute they are, so when this was listed it was super exciting (ó ꒳ ò✿)

The suitcase has little heart details on the sides, with scalloped edges..(n˘v˘•)
Also the logo stamp is written in heart looped font, so cute!~

the baby pink stripes with rose bouquets are too adorable, I love it!*:・゚✧
And after using this suitcase to travel from Oxford (where my school is) back home to London, I find it so useful~♡ Travelling with style is always important..

I hope this was interesting to read, although I have been writing a lot of Liz Lisa related content as of recent w~(n˘v˘•)
As always, thank you and have a great day!~
Evie xox

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