About me…♡

I’m Evie, also known as Eviebunnie  ♡ 

I’m a bunny who wants to create cute content that will make you smile…!~ 

started this blog with the intention of having a safe space on the internet, where I could talk about all my favourite things and post photos that made me happy. When I was a child, reading girly themed blogs was one of my favourite past times, so I try to recreate that nostalgic feeling with my own blog, and create a little world of my own♡ 

As you might’ve guessed, my favourite creature in the world is a rabbit…! I think they are such sweet and loving creatures. I also had my own bunny named Arthur, who was my best friend, and inspired me to create my accounts under the name ‘eviebunnie’. My affinity with rabbits also inspired me to become vegan, and I've been plant based since the age of 12 (I'm 21 now!) I also moved from London to Tokyo, to pursue my dreams of living in Japan♡ 

Birthday: 19 march (Pisces)
Favourite colour: pale pink 
Personality type: infp 
Favourite sweets: strawberry crepe, matcha parfait
Comfort characters: read here
Likes: the sound of rain, painting, kind people
Dislikes: crowded places, maths, mushrooms

© Eviebunnie