September 17, 2017

The cutest back to school stationary... ♡♪

One of my random hobbies is collecting stationary- specifically, anything that is cute whilst also serving a meaningful (or most likely random) purpose in my life.♡ I love characters like Rilakkuma & My Melody, and mostly pastel related things- additionally I'm pretty fussy about what I use, so I can guarantee everything you see will be 100% aesthetic, affordable and (mostly) practical, and really help you to ace revision & class notes, as well as planning essays ofc (゚ノ∀`*゚)゚
I'll also be providing links to where I got (mostly) everything too! ♪
And yes I know it is late for this post but its never too late to buy stationary so.. :>

The first recommendation I have is this set of pastel highlighters and mechanical pencil from Amazon - the specific link is Here ♡

As you can see, the colours are still quite bright but a lot nicer to look at & prettier than the average neon highlighters you get in store. The design of the pen itself reminds me of a vintage flower shop? and yes that is oddly specific...
As for the pencil, there are a lot of good factors about this design. Firstly, the soft grip means you can write faster without hurting your hand (major bonus!) and secondly the rubber & lead are replaceable so it ends up being cheaper than using normal pencils.
I also love how pretty the design is- while sadly you can't find character themed versions of these in the UK, you can at least be assured that it looks smart, sleek and is nice to use ^^ You can find it here!

Probably the best stationary related thing to invest in is a well made pencil case, or just one that's got a fav character on it! Combining both, I tend to prefer a case with plastic coating on the outside as it's easier to clean & a bit more waterproof.

My current pencil case is by the company San-x (creators of Rilakkuma) and I got it from the UK based store 'Artbox' ♡ I chose this design because 4 leafed clovers are supposedly lucky, and who doesn't need a bit of luck? I also thought the mint colour was really pretty and a nice contrast to the brown of Rilakkuma. You can get this case here and view the website here!

I also tend to carry extra supplies with me (washi tape, scissors, etc) which don't fit in the first case & aren't as important to carry with me. That's where the idea of the secondary pencil case was born-  

The case I'm currently using for this is a Betsy Johnson makeup bag in a rainbow gradient colourway. Not only is it super cute, but it fits surprisingly a lot of things! I got this from TK Max in America but I'm pretty sure individual sellers charge affordable prices too.

Here's an overview of the washi tapes I currently have...
As well as having character themed tapes, I tend to find that the pastel rainbow ones are great for decorating diaries/planners and i'd really recommend buying a set of them. These are from Paperchase and you can view the specific tape here - I can't recommend them enough! ★⌒(●ゝω・)

Another stationary related item I like is the classic 4 colour pens you can pretty much find anywhere. Although they don't really offer any writing support, they do come in shiny colours if you look for them hard enough. These are also the standard ink colours you'll need in classes so its a pretty staple piece if you ask me.

Another item I love to carry with me is a memo pad where I can write any random stuff that comes to mind. My current pad is this little twin stars one which I got from Artbox , its super sweet ♪

Moving on to miscellaneous items, here are some of my favourite coloured pens that I have ,。★\(^-^ )♪ The middle two are from Artbox and the outer two are from a friend. I don't use these for note taking often, but more for my diaries and journals.

Another useful item id recommend is a ruler like this one that can snap-out (idk how to say it lol) and also character rubbers are the cutest thing ever. Also, deco tape isn't necessary but.. it is fun to use :>
I hope you've enjoyed reading this blog post as much as i've enjoyed writing it! I'm excited to post more about my stationary finds when I go to Japan since basically all this stuff is imported from there.. XD

Evie xx


July 01, 2017

My June favourites 2017! ♡♪

I'm back with a new post about my June favourites/purchases that I wanted to share! These are all things I have especially been happy about buying and consider worth the money ♪(‘ε゚人)*.+

Starting off with the character themed items, I got this adorable Miss Bunny plush! I've wanted to get this since early last year when I saw it in store, but I couldn't decide if I wanted Miss Bunny or Thumper. However when I visited the store last week I decided that Miss Bunny was too cute to leave there! The plushies at the store are really soft and well made ~

I then found something super cute, this care bears scented key ring! these can be bought from gacha machines and are way too cute, mine is raspberry & rainbow themed (ó㉨ò)ノ♡

I love how cute the little butt - heart is! I'm hoping I can get a few more of these, id love the strawberry one, but they're all so sweet ♪

Next up is clothing! I absolutely love this pastel pink gingham shirt from asos- not sponsored (but imagine if I was... lol!) and this is perfect with jeans, fitted skirts and shorts! I really like this 'cold shoulder' style (I think it is called that.. (〃ω〃) ✿) and pink is my favourite colour so this will probably be worn a lot in the foreseeable future!

I also found these super cheap slippers from Primark, only £6 and they are so soft! The characters are of course Mrs Potts and Chip from 'Beauty and the Beast'! Not only would I recommend the movie, but also these slippers as they are soooo comfy! 10/10 (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

Next we move on to the food highlights of this month! -♪ I have been a little more unhealthy than usual as my exams just finished. . I celebrate with delicious sweets lol! (๑◕ܫ←๑)

First, this ~decidant~ chocolate brownie from Pizza Express! It is topped with a vanilla ice cream, strawberry slice and mint leaf!~ How wonderful (*´∀`*) 3/5!

Next is this lovely raspberry macaron from Paul, which I rate a 4/5! So delicious and surprisingly light? Defo recommend this ♡
Next up isn't exactly all food, but its a bear bank that contains puddings! ♡ I got this from a Japanese/Chinese food-selling supermarket here in the UK, I love it so much because I actually keep my savings in here, and theres a lot of room lol!

The puddings are mango with small chunks of coconut, delicious! I rate them 5/5 as they are super tasty and refreshing ^^

Moving on to makeup, I got this cute pastel pink liner from NYX cosmetics! I already wrote reviews for these products on my makeup blog so I won't go into too much detail but the pink colour is lovely & its very affordable, so I do recommend!
And I also got this lipstick for only £2 (on sale!) at the body shop! This is a rosey pink and looks super pink and bright in person, plus as its reduced from £8 couldn't be better! (* ̄∇ ̄*)
And lastly I got this super cute lip and cheek stain! It's very bright but I really like it, and again I got this reduced from the body shop, I'd recommend this too ♡

So that's it for my June favourites post! For July's hauls I will probably be featuring more stationary so stay tuned for that, and if you're interested in seeing what I do with the makeup products please do check my makeup amino account in the description of my blog!
Evie xox

(also all makeup products and brands I featured on here will be cruelty free for those who are wondering, so I have not specified if they are for each one!)

© Eviebunnie