July 01, 2017

My June favourites 2017! ♡♪

I'm back with a new post about my June favourites/purchases that I wanted to share! These are all things I have especially been happy about buying and consider worth the money ♪(‘ε゚人)*.+

Starting off with the character themed items, I got this adorable Miss Bunny plush! I've wanted to get this since early last year when I saw it in store, but I couldn't decide if I wanted Miss Bunny or Thumper. However when I visited the store last week I decided that Miss Bunny was too cute to leave there! The plushies at the store are really soft and well made ~

I then found something super cute, this care bears scented key ring! these can be bought from gacha machines and are way too cute, mine is raspberry & rainbow themed (ó㉨ò)ノ♡

I love how cute the little butt - heart is! I'm hoping I can get a few more of these, id love the strawberry one, but they're all so sweet ♪

Next up is clothing! I absolutely love this pastel pink gingham shirt from asos- not sponsored (but imagine if I was... lol!) and this is perfect with jeans, fitted skirts and shorts! I really like this 'cold shoulder' style (I think it is called that.. (〃ω〃) ✿) and pink is my favourite colour so this will probably be worn a lot in the foreseeable future!

I also found these super cheap slippers from Primark, only £6 and they are so soft! The characters are of course Mrs Potts and Chip from 'Beauty and the Beast'! Not only would I recommend the movie, but also these slippers as they are soooo comfy! 10/10 (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

Next we move on to the food highlights of this month! -♪ I have been a little more unhealthy than usual as my exams just finished. . I celebrate with delicious sweets lol! (๑◕ܫ←๑)

First, this ~decidant~ chocolate brownie from Pizza Express! It is topped with a vanilla ice cream, strawberry slice and mint leaf!~ How wonderful (*´∀`*) 3/5!

Next is this lovely raspberry macaron from Paul, which I rate a 4/5! So delicious and surprisingly light? Defo recommend this ♡
Next up isn't exactly all food, but its a bear bank that contains puddings! ♡ I got this from a Japanese/Chinese food-selling supermarket here in the UK, I love it so much because I actually keep my savings in here, and theres a lot of room lol!

The puddings are mango with small chunks of coconut, delicious! I rate them 5/5 as they are super tasty and refreshing ^^

Moving on to makeup, I got this cute pastel pink liner from NYX cosmetics! I already wrote reviews for these products on my makeup blog so I won't go into too much detail but the pink colour is lovely & its very affordable, so I do recommend!
And I also got this lipstick for only £2 (on sale!) at the body shop! This is a rosey pink and looks super pink and bright in person, plus as its reduced from £8 couldn't be better! (* ̄∇ ̄*)
And lastly I got this super cute lip and cheek stain! It's very bright but I really like it, and again I got this reduced from the body shop, I'd recommend this too ♡

So that's it for my June favourites post! For July's hauls I will probably be featuring more stationary so stay tuned for that, and if you're interested in seeing what I do with the makeup products please do check my makeup amino account in the description of my blog!
Evie xox

(also all makeup products and brands I featured on here will be cruelty free for those who are wondering, so I have not specified if they are for each one!)

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