August 22, 2019

♡A look at LARME 041..♡

Hello everyone!♬♪
for today's blog post, we'll be looking at the latest copy of LARME magazine~ (ꈍ ˬ ꈍ✿)

September issue of LARME! So pretty..♪

For those who didn't know, LARME is a J-fashion magazine series for girly fashion, taking inspiration from other feminine styles for a youthful and romantic concept. This series also, like most other J-fashion mags, features tips on skincare, makeup, hair care, etc

Additionally, this issue comes with a 12 colour EATME X LARME eye shadow palette!~

From top: antique rose, brown pink, strawberry milk, blood orange, greyish pink and strawberry~♡
 Considering the magazine was ¥1800 (shipping incl.) I'm surprised by how good the pigments are. While it's a little difficult to see on my arm, the colours are super shiny, and much better quality than some other palettes I have, like Too Faced or.. well, Too Faced..
From top: raspberry pink, peach pink, cassis pink, cherry blossoms, pink grapefruit and cotton candy~♡

Here's a photo of what the eyeshadow colours look like on!

Here I've used strawberry, cherry blossoms and strawberry milk, as well as some brown pink on my waterline.. to make this look more LARME style, I would definitely do a softer wing and styled hair, but hopefully this still shows how the makeup looks~

Products used: Dollywink eyeliner/mascara, EATMExLARME palette, Canmake tint gel and Etude house bling bling eye stick~
After trying the makeup, let's open the book itself!~

It seems this month's theme is 'The emotions of a girl swayed by makeup', as shown through the gorgeous makeup shots throughout the book!

This issue also has referencing to where LARME draws influence to Gyaru style make!

Bottom left: the evolution of makeup styles that led to the LARME make~♡
LARME makeup trends always feature a lot of Canmake cosme, which I assume is because its easy to find, pretty to look at and gives a naturally cute appearance~♬♪
recommended products~♡

Fashion trends for this September include emphasis on Tulle, Satin and other soft materials, cosme styles with mostly red and lots of tartan and check, shown in the photos below...

I love how soft and girly these hairstyles are, and will definitely be following some of the tutorials to make my hair look cuter~ I especially think that the styles including ribbons are too sweet, and look so natural!~

As usual, ribbons used to achieve a girly and feminine look~♡
Skincare tips..♡

Soft colours with an emphasis on the pastel pink lip~♡

One of my favourite features of this issue was this section! 
At first I was a little confused why pets would feature in a fashion magazine, but seeing as LARME has a lot on lifestyle, it does make some sense~

'The sweet, gentle and pure eyes always heal my heart' too cute!~♡

All. So. Adorable!

Thank you for reading some of LARME 041 with me!~
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If so, please let me know if I should write more posts like this in the future..♪ ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱
 Evie xox 
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