December 16, 2019

♡ Liz Lisa Haul! | 2015 Fukubukuro & 2018 Lizmelo summer collab~♡

♡Hello everyone!~ ♡

Today I wanted to talk about the gorgeous pieces that I bought on Depop, all of which are second hand Liz Lisa items!

I actually buy quite a few of my Liz Lisa, Honey Cinammon, Ank Rogue, and other LARME style clothes secondhand from Rakuten Fril and Depop, and would recommend it~

♡ Liz Lisa x My Melody Summer 2018 print - mermaid theme ♡

I felt a little sad to have missed out on this print last year, so when I saw it for sale, I knew I had to have it!

One of my dream dresses..♡
This piece is also special to me as the lovely Ebunnybee listed it! Ebony is so sweet and fashionable so it made me feel blessed to purchase this from her~♡

As well as this lovely dress, she was also super kind to gift me a little calendar, my melo note and LL shopping bag with it, i'm so happy! The dress looks even prettier in person~♡

I adore the rose bouquets and little Melody's in floral, mermaid like codes! *:・゚✧

One of the main reasons I wished to buy this dress was this gorgeous shell-button detailing with the lacy ribbon collaring~*:・゚✧

 Lace with ribbon detailing, so dreamy...♡

I adore dresses with a slight ocean theme, but that are still pink !~

♡ 2015 Fukubukuro ♡

Another Depop Liz Lisa purchase I made was the 2015 suitcase design!~♡
I've wanted a Liz Lisa suitcase for years because of how iconic and cute they are, so when this was listed it was super exciting (ó ꒳ ò✿)

The suitcase has little heart details on the sides, with scalloped edges..(n˘v˘•)
Also the logo stamp is written in heart looped font, so cute!~

the baby pink stripes with rose bouquets are too adorable, I love it!*:・゚✧
And after using this suitcase to travel from Oxford (where my school is) back home to London, I find it so useful~♡ Travelling with style is always important..

I hope this was interesting to read, although I have been writing a lot of Liz Lisa related content as of recent w~(n˘v˘•)
As always, thank you and have a great day!~
Evie xox

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