September 16, 2022

♡ Re-Ment unboxing! | Girl's Room Miniature Puchi Sample Series ♡

 Hello cuties!

For todays blog post, I’m so excited to be sharing a review of this adorable Re-Ment set that I received in the mail yesterday. I haven’t posted about Re-Ment before on my blog, but actually used to collect them as a child and have recently gotten back into the hobby to use these accessories as props for my dolls and figures!

I also thought I’d mention at the beginning of this review that the box you receive the complete set in can be transformed into a mini cardboard room as pictured on the promotional photos, and additional props for each set as diy paper crafts are in the collectors paper slips~

I decided to preorder with amiami, as I've found that their packages arrive pretty quickly and the shipping is decently priced. This set only cost me about £28.30, which for a 8 pack box is pretty good; I only shipped this package a few days before receiving it…! You also receive the cute seasonal artwork of their mascots, and this adorable photo is in honour of bunny day in august!~

Let’s review each set…

No.1: drawing 

For the first set, we have this adorable strawberry table and drawing accessories…! This reminds me a little of the iconic Ichigo room series table that Re-Ment produced way back in 2007. I adore how bright and girly this table is, it matches so well with the other strawberry themed items from Re-Ment, and looks so real! ૮⸝⸝ >   <⸝⸝ 

Also included in this set are a little clear pink stencil and one of those multicoloured pencils that includes pink, green, blue and yellow…! Such a throwback, I remember using these pencils myself hehe! The paper craft pieces that this set include are actually super cute- as well as this little drawing book with cute anime character scribbles, the set includes this sweet puppy calendar and magical girl colouring book! 

No.2: play kitchen 

The next set is this sweet little kitchenware piece with fake fish and a carrot that you can pretend to chop…!  This will look so cute with sylvanian families, but to be honest this is the piece that I was least excited for; it’s just not as cute or detailed as the other items. Despite that, I’m looking forward to displaying it in my sylvanian baby nursery, I’m sure it will be appreciated there

The paper crafts included in this set are a little children's story book and a plaster case with mini plasters. The story is about a cat who wants to eat Puchitto’s pancakes, it looks adorable with this set…! I’m also a huge fan of the plaster case, I can definitely see this being an adorable prop for doll handbags and figure photoshoots~

No.3: Dresser!

This set is one of my most anticipated pieces from the Girls Room Collection, it definitely has a magical girl feel to it~ You do have to assemble the dresser yourself (including applying the mirror sticker, which is always a little tricky!) but it looks so so cute once all the pieces are together. The dresser itself has little heart engravings, and gold ribbon details with little wings on the drawer.

I also adore the bobble hair tie and heart shaped necklace, how adorable…! My only complaint about this set is the lack of detail on the brush and lipstick/nail polish, but to be honest I’m happy enough with the other accessories that it doesn’t bother me too much.
The paper crafts included in this set are, however, absolutely adorable! Included is a handkerchief that looks just like a mezzo piano piece, and fashion magazine~

No.4: Dollhouse 

I think it's pretty obvious that this set takes inspiration from sylvanian families, which just makes it even more adorable…!♡ Doesn’t the dollhouse look so pastel and cute? The little plate of Pringles and biscuits is so sweet, and I love how one cup of orange juice is emptier, little details like that really make these sets worth it. My favourite part of this set is a sitting down bunny sylvanian who has a really cute and happy expression on her face! And the cat is winking… my heart!

The paper crafts included for this set are a sweet little bed you can put in the dollhouse, and two coasters for the drinks. The coasters have a cork-like detail to the back, with little characters on them~ I love the idea that there is a story for this set (‘Ai-chan came to my house’), it feels like a set you could use to create a fun sleepover diorama!~

                                                                   No.5: Unicycle

This set is definitely a little more random then I was expecting, as the title suggests…! Isn’t a unicycle kind of dangerous for a child?! But then again, I did a little research and it turns out this is a popular children's toy in Japan. And I thought learning how to ride a bike was difficult… Also included in the set is this adorable mezzo piano inspired bag, hat and sweets with the cutest cardboard magazine which teaches you love spells… too cute!~

I really love this bag especially in this set, as it is so detailed and the puchi fairy mascot is super cute! The size is also perfect scale for my dolls~♪ The unicycle also has real working wheels and a little stand you can rest it on, perfect for the background of this diorama. Also included in the paper craft are the container for the strawberry sweets, and a carton of apple juice!  I might make a little clear straw for this carton, it would be so sweet

No.6: Anime Toys! 

This is probably my favourite set from the whole series, the anime theme is just iconic! Of course, this set is based on magical girl and other shoujo anime so it’s super cutesy and sparkly~ Included in this set is a beautiful magical girl wand, compact with a mirror, bookshelves, dress up doll stickers and a little magical cat. The cat reminds me of Luna from sailor moon…! 

The paper crafts included in this set are also some of the cutest from the series! A movie brochure, tickets and cards are all for ‘Angel Knight Puchiriel’ aka. The adorable magical girl of this series…!♡ I would definitely see this movie if it was real hehe

                                                          No.7: Stationary

This is another one of my favourites from the collection, it’s just too adorable…! Included in this set is a pale brown desk chair with pink pillow details, a red unicorn pencil case, clover fairy theme plastic book, mini heart shape pencils, a bunny roller eraser, sparkly eraser putty and miniature hamster stickers!! I’m obsessed with all the pencil case details, this will be so cute for my dolls! Each item also feels very nostalgic- I remember these types of pencil cases being super popular and roller/putty erasers were popular in my class because they usually were scented, and had cute characters like rilakkuma on them~

The paper crafts included in this set are a profile sheet and sylvanian inspired note paper! So so cute and fun- one of the profiles is blank, so you could fill it in for a character too~ Like all of the paper crafts included, these are double sided, and there’s a really cute favourites list on the other side with a little bunny drawing!

                                                           No.8: Desk

Last but not least, is the adorable desk! This reminds me of one of Re-Ment‘s older sets that is harder to find nowadays, so I was happy to have this in my collection. The set includes a desk with four working drawers, a big magazine with a ‘free gift’ novelty of a cute glittery heart case for stationery♡ The magazine is super nostalgic as I used to love these when I was younger, and still have a copy similar to this…!

The free gifts included are these adorable little notecards, application postcard and… another notebook!~♪  Although there has been a lot of notebooks, I’m not even made because they’re so cute. This one features an advert for hair bobbles like the one in set no.3, and a really cute advert for a charm of Puchi-san! I wish that the set featured this charm though, it’s super cute!

 My overall thoughts & rating for this set ♡ 

Price: 5/5
Detail: 4/5
Cuteness: 10000/5

I'm really glad to have bought this set…! Although some pieces weren’t as detailed as possible, it still looks so cute and is perfect for displaying with my dolls or small figures. The scale was a little mismatched at times, such as with the handkerchief, but each piece brought me joy, and looked so cute. The only pieces this set could be missing would be a Randoseru, as in my opinion it would look super cute with the desk, or a plushie?

Overall, I’m very happy to have purchased this set, and really recommend it if you like girly Re-Ment! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a lovely day~

Lots of love,

♡ Evie xox ♡

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