June 01, 2023

I moved to Tokyo! ♡ A little life update…

 Hello everybun!

It’s been a little while since I wrote on this blog, so I thought I’d write a little life update about moving from London to Tokyo, and a couple other little updates…~

I actually was going to answer a lot of these questions on YouTube, but due to my studies being so demanding, I thought I’d write something here first while I’m still finding my footing, and sort out the full Q&A once I’m more settled, hehe! ♡ These will just be more basic questions, so please be patient with me while I prepare the full Q&A~

When did you move to Japan?

I think this question is probably the most asked one, that is easy to answer !
I moved to Tokyo this year, in April. The reason for this is because my birthday is in March so I could enjoy that day with family and friends, and then school in Japan tends to start in April too  ~ You can also enjoy the cherry blossom season at this time as well, so it’s perfect…

How did you move to Japan? 

This seems to be another question I get asked a lot, and while I think I’ll need to simplify it a lot for a blog post, I’ll try my best to explain !
So, I am studying Japanese language in Tokyo, which means I am on a student visa!
If you have a student visa, the school is responsible for helping you move to Japan
I actually had to choose between very little schools, as due to my health conditions most schools would not accept me due to being a ‘liability’… it was a little upsetting, for sure! But I didn’t let that stop me, and finally found a school that was right for me. 
Of course, this involved a lot of paper work like finding my old school records, birth certificate, proof of residence, etc, but it’s definitely worth it!~
I really recommend doing your research into the best school for you, as it really differs from person to person~

Why did you move to Japan 
So this question has so many answers, too..!
To be honest, I just felt that this was the natural step in my life that I needed to make, and very important to me.
I had been in university studying philosophy in the UK, graduated with my degree, and started a full time job at an office. However, I didn’t feel the job was the right fit for me, and I was worried I’d be living a life full of regrets for not chasing my dreams…
I also felt like I’d just been in this very dark place for a few years, and I needed to get out of there; maybe one day I will talk about this, but moving to Tokyo to achieve my dreams really felt like the last option I had left. Of course, it’s not easy, and perhaps moving to a country with not the best care for mental health wasn’t the smartest idea.. but for me, it really was that or nothing!

  Of course, this isn’t just because I adore the fashion, cute goods and cultural aspects of Japan, I actually find learning Japanese to be really fun and rewarding!
As a city girl from London, Tokyo really feels fun to me and I knew that it would be a great place to live, with many like minded people
My goal in Tokyo is to become more confident in my Japanese, and to follow my passions, no matter how hard it might be. I refuse to let health issues stop me!~

How is life in Tokyo, Japan so far? 

I think so far things are going well for my new life here !
It can be so stressful and overwhelming at times, as there is a lot of work, and managing all aspects of your life at once can be very tiring. However, overall I know that this was the right decision for me, and that living here has many benefits~
I’ve met so many lovely people, been to so many amazing places and learnt a lot, although it’s only been 2 months of me living here…!
Also, Tokyo has many cure places to visit like themed cafes, rabbit themed shops, girly clothes, beautiful nature and more, so I really have been enjoying living here… I even started a YouTube channel to document these cute places that I’ve found so far, and filming for that has been so much fun!

Thank you for reading this little update, and I’m looking forward to sharing more content with you all…!

Lots of love, 

♡ Evie xox 

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