February 01, 2021

♡ A look at Larme 047 & Péche 001...!♡

Good Morning sweet petals!
    Today I am so excited to share with you photos of the latest LARME magazine, and their new series, Péche!
Since the last issue, LARME have introduced so many beautiful new models to their magazine, such as Nagisa-chan from =LOVE and Arin-chan of Momoclo! LARME's cover features a beautiful shot of Arin-chan, whilst Péche features the lovely Kirara-chan. 

I was happy with this magazine spread, as I had a lovely Lola's cupcake to enjoy after taking these photos! I feel that (although it was not peach flavoured) hopefully it fitted the cute and girly theme♡

I also tried using Liz Lisa's My Melody 2018 Collab print  as a background, and I think it worked well..! This print is so special to me. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

There is quite a lot to cover in these two magazines, so I'll try my best to include all the cute and new points...! Starting with LARME....♡

The concept for this issue was the false persona/self (偽りの自分)  we can exhibit, and loving your true self. I really love this authentic take that LARME are trying to go for, as I also feel that the best we can be is our own lovely, unique person. 

The first spread, 'All About Baby Makeup', features LARME's cosme and skincare choices for a youthful and cute look. I found some of the styling to be a little strange (Aya-chan's clothing choice is lovely, but the pacifier? perhaps a little excessive), but the jellycat bunny plush made me so happy as I actually used to collect those as a child, and treasure them dearly.꒰⑅ˊ͈ ˙̫ ˋ͈⑅꒱

I've seen this Canmake 'Creamy touch eyeliner' quite frequently on my insta the past couple months!♡ The recommended cosme seems very cute and on trend♡

This issue also features some promotional photos for Péche! ♡

And the best cosme award for the end of 2020, another trend that influencers/cosme enthusiasts seem to follow...! I found this quite helpful, especially including a variety of lipglosses/glosses/tints.♡

Skincare awards! I'm not such a fan of some of these brands (they can be quite harsh for dry skin) but I was interested in seeing the face cream recommendation 

As well as hairstyling and code ideas, Na's beauty spread also includes more winter skincare recommendations...! (pictured later on in this post) I really love how they included more information about the models, such as their favourite video games, hobbies and just generally random trivia♡ It makes me happy that they are comfortable to be true to themselves, and talk about games like Splatoon or COD whilst wearing adorable clothes  (ó ꒳ ò✿)

Another part of LARME 047 that I adore is the format for these cosme tutorials!♡ It's so easy to follow a step by step process like this, and I especially liked Risa-chan's makeup style.

I absolutely loved the sisters theme shoot that they included in this issue. These simple and light floral dresses are stunning!♬

One of my favourite themes of this issue was getting to know the models better!♡ Not only does this spread talk about Hina-chan and Raimu-chan's favourite games (yes, featuring The Last of us !) it also features a little info in the top left about what they've achieved in 2020! I was surprised that both models were not a fan of karaoke, but honestly if I had the choice between that or playing 'Sabage' (which I believe is the Japanese name for paintballing...?) I'd go with the latter, as like Hina-chan says, you feel like you're actually in a game....! 

As Nagisa-chan of =LOVE has just started modelling for LARME, there were of course a lot of adorable photos of her!♡ I love the cheerleader and maid outfits so much

One of my favourite pages at the end of LARME 047 is the little map of Kabukicho ! ♪ It was a cute idea to show what the models tips and recommendations for this visiting this part of Shinjuku are. Hikaru-chan's recommendation of Cool Beans Cafe, which serves rose tapioca sounds so lovely, especially if its not very crowded! 

I'm also very curious about the porridge shop Mell-chan recommends (Otsu Porridge) that is open 24/7, 7 days a week? I would love to try it too! ꒰✩’ω`ૢ✩꒱

After a look at LARME 047, lets see what the first issue of Péche is like...♡
(cw for lingerie photos that are a little provocative but super cute!)

Péche's covergirl is Kirara-chan, who looks so stunning here! I adore the pink upside down heart (or, peach) used to create the cover image. The concept for this issue is a powerful woman who is born from a peach (almost identical to the story of Momotarō) except, the pretty girl is named Péche!

I felt that this concept was so unique, and also empowering. Viewing oneself as a gift from God might be a little challenging, but it certainly doesn't feel far fetched when paired with Mirai-chan wearing this baby blue set from LARME Lingerie, which is absolutely divine...!

I also adored the cosme for this issue; warm brown hues and shimmery products are so, so perfect... (and the hair setup is so airy and light!♡)

I also adored this spread! eating cute foods wearing beautiful lingerie honestly sounds like every romantic girl's dream, and although Péche writes 'happy, angry, sad, laughing' I feel like I'd just be happy...!

A lot of the lingerie featured here is also from well known brand 'Intimissi, and later on, 'Agent Provocateur'! I was a little sad that some of the other pieces were just the stylists belongings, but will have to keep an eye out for these beautiful pieces next time shops are open♡

Péche also made sure to cover the cosme trend of Chinese makeup brands! How beautiful do they look? I'm especially interested in the FlowerKnows pieces, as they seem to be so girly and magical, especially the palette...♡

And finally, there is a spread on Gender that I had to include...! As well as mentioning the gender free concept that others have been applying to fashion, the discussion about what is expected of women in society was interesting to read. It saddens me that there is this pressure to avoid politics as a woman, and get married soon to please the parents (as well as earning less than men, so having to get married for this reason...), but it makes me happy that this is changing, as more women can become successful. And I couldn't agree more that we should aim to create an environment where the voices of everyone matter equally!

Thank you for reading a little of LARME 047 with me, and the new Péche 001!
I absolutely loved these issues, for their beautiful photos, creative ideas and open discussions. 
It makes me happy that Haruna-chan and the rest of the LARME team are discussing prevalent topics and portraying such a positive view of female independence, sexuality and empowerment. 

I hope you enjoyed reading,
♡ Evie xox ♡
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