September 28, 2022

♡ Mama chapp doll unboxing! | Moko-chan - 1/6 - Kindergarten Ver. Rabbit Set ♡

 Hello cuties!

For todays blog post, I’m so excited to share a review of this adorable mama chapp doll that i recently found secondhand on, via…! Actually, this purchase was kind of lucky as recently I’ve been saving for my holiday and hadn’t been checking mercari obsessively everyday like I used to, but thankfully saw this listing in time!~

I’ve had this doll on my wishlist for quite some time, praying that she would show up for a good price one day…. and she did! She was only ¥4,980 yen (approx £31) without shipping, and shipping was £17, which is a little steep, but worth it for the total cost of this doll~♪ 

 Company photos 

This sweet doll was released in 2007, and has two variants: the rabbit set and chick set. As you can see, i bought the rabbit set…!♪ Other than the adorable bunny theme, I also adore this set because of her baby pink x red outfit, the colour scheme is too adorable. She also has this sweet tulip pocket, matching with her friend!

One thing that I love about mama chapp dolls is that they look so cute with the variant doll of the set, like sisters or friends…! It’s a great series for picky doll collectors, because if you love a dolls design but don’t like a particular variant, there’s usually at least one or two more varieties with different outfit and hair colours!  

 Now that I've shown the company photos, lets look at Moko-chan irl…!♡ 

Although I adore many features these dolls have, their boxes aren’t one of them…! They’re very plain and the colour isn’t so cute. However, that doesn’t really bother me as I’m not someone who displays their dolls in-box.

My first impression is… waaaa she’s so cute!!~ as always, the detail in Mama chapp dolls is incredible. In my previous post, I mentioned that they have a obitsu 11 body, so she can share clothes with my other dolls!

Her shirt has this sweet Peter Pan collar, with a little bunny pin that has her name on it. this is probably a little nitpicky, but despite this doll sculpt being called Moko, it would be nice if each doll had a different name, for displaying purposes- but then again, it doesn’t really matter 

Here’s a little close up of all the accessories included in this set. The little ribbons in her hair are absolutely adorable! You could display her with the little yellow hat too, perfect for outings in sunny weather, or rainy? Either way, she is very sensibly dressed..!

Moko-chan has this adorable baby pink gingham set for her inner wear. The ribbon tie at the back is such a lovely touch, and matches her hairstyle! You could coordinate this top with the fluffy pastel skirts Azone have produced too…!

I also tried changing her hands to some of my favourite obitsu hands included in this set! They look a lot more natural than the default hands, and are perfect for holding plushies

As lovely as the bunny themed bag is, sadly it does not open… fortunately, Moko-chan has a giant pocket with a tulip on to store cute things in. The skirt and top are really well made, with stirring on the sleeves of the top and clasps on the back of each piece. 

Her skirt is also high waisted and would look so cute coordinated with an oversized jumper or top…! Although most of my dolls clothes are pink and white, I’d love to try and coordinate a bright and cute summer outfit with it  

 Final thoughts for Moko-chan♡ 

Overall, this doll is just so so perfect! Her bright and cheerful colour scheme brings a smile to my face, and she just looks so cute and pretty

I would definitely recommend this doll if you find her for sale…! She’s absolutely adorable and has already brightened up my shelf

Thank you so much for reading angels…! I hope that this review did justice to how cute Moko-chan is, and that this was fun to readI’m hoping to create a little mama chapp shrine in my room hehe, these dolls are just *so* adorable!! 

Lots of love, 

Evie xox

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